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Fix Your Job Description Ft. VMWare

Clear writing is concise writing.

• In order to → To
• In spite of → Despite
• A number of → Some
• In the event that → If
• The majority of → Most
• Has the opportunity to → Can
• Despite the fact that → Although— Marketing Examples (@GoodMarketingHQ) June 1, 2020
I have looked at 1000s of applications in 3 years of job seeking. This isn't the worst one - That goes to one simply titled "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??? APPLY NOW!"

Here is a link to the listing. Originally on LinkedIn. Even if it's filled, it should stay up for a while. Just in case, here's the original text;
Staff Engineer - DevOps (open for remote) VMware
Why would you enjoy this new opportunity?

You have an analytical mind and a passion for the craft of software engineering, and you love solving problems and learning new things. Technologies come and go, but that excites you because of the endless possibilities it creates. You are looking for an opportunity to work …

Windows Server 2019 Essential Training by Scott M Burrell (Part 1) - Getting Started

The course is in 6 sections, so I'll separate them by parts. I do have Windows Server experience, and 2019 is new to me, though the general idea is the same.

The first relevant video opens with
"I was speaking recently with a network administrator for a global company. He told me that his IT infrastructure was out of date because his Windows Servers were a version or two behind the newest thing from Microsoft."
Just because you can upgrade doesn't mean you should! If your stuff works (well), it works. If new features help your business, or have the possibility for your business to 'grow' into them then sure, upgrade. But there's no need to keep up with the Jones or Gates.

Deloitte / InsideSherpa Tech Consulting Virtual Internship

Did you know?
Before Covid-19, employers were rather stingy on helping graduates, new or not so new, with internships, often having a very limited time frame that they cared about you.
Not so with Deloitte and InsideSherpa! Check it out here. Did I think I would be interested in Tech Consulting? Not before I did this. It seemed stuffy and hands-off.

I've enjoyed thinking about the best solutions to bring a business to the cloud, or online. See my post on LinkedIn. I didn't want to directly copy it, but it's how I feel!
  It's not all just 'Set up a Cloud account and have at it'. My Azure certification gave me a leg up on one of the projects; I was more minute than they expected at points.

It did show me that I can do remote work; Work is often already an invasion on someone's life and time. Being able to take my time and work when I wanted to without being burned out was a nice perk.

If you still have your school e-mail address, you can sign up with that. I haven…

Connecting IoT Devices to a Registration Server (Packet Tracer, Cisco)

In Packet Tracer, a demo software made by Cisco Systems. It certainly has changed a lot since 2016. It's almost an Olympic feat to even get started with it now, but it does look snazzy. This is for the new CCNA, that integrates, among other things, IoT and Automation, which I've worked on here before.

Instructions here.
I don't know if this is an aspect of "Let's make sure people are paying attention and not simply following blindly", or an oversight - The instructions indicate a Meraki Server, when a regular one is the working option here.
I have to enable the IoT service on this server. Also, we assign the server an IPv4 address from a DHCP pool instead of giving it a static one. For something that handles our IoT business, perhaps that's safer; Getting a new IPv4 address every week or so is a minimal step against an intruder, but it is a step.

There are no devices associated with this new server; In an earlier lab (not shown), I attached them to 'Home …

Learn From Home: Jira Essentials (ft. Hogwarts School)

Jira is a piece of project managing software that can be maintained on-prem on a server, or in the cloud (also, technically, on a server).

It's a busy piece of planning software for software development, with various modes (scrum and kanban) depending on your project.
You can learn the essentials remotely, with a 6-hour course - This is more of a brief, technical overview about using a Kanban board in Jira.

Introduction aside, let's get into the completely fake idea of "Installing Wi-Fi At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry", and see how these boards can help keep me on track.

That's not software!

Don't think too deeply about the logistics of magic and technology.

[Webinar] Live Resume Workshop for Cybersecurity Professionals by Katia Dean

Are you struggling to break into the Cybersecurity field? Your resume may be to blame.

Also the general mindset that Cybersecurity is an exclusive field that's gatekeep'd to hell and back.

So, Katia Dean, Voice of Cyberpros @ Katia's Cylife, gave us a great webinar about how to make a Cyber-esume that catches the eye.

It's 2020: People discriminate based on location. Do not put your home address anywhere.If your position is current, put your action verbs in the future. Spell out your acronyms! "CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)".A very interesting point was not needing to put the cities where you went to school at. Schooling doesn't quite matter, and everyone is realizing that (for better or worse).Title yourself for the position you want. There were a variety of resumes, from those making the jump from networking, to those shifting to another position, to the resumes of Doctors of Cybersecurity!

Also, a big shout out to Amy Scites for summarizing …

How to Cope With Anxiety

If any employer is reading this and immediately hit 'X' because they think 'anxiety is weakness', good riddance.

The Updated "What I'm Looking For In A Role" Post (2020)

Thank you for wanting to help with my job search! Here are some parameters. Keeping it brief.

Part time remote, text based support. It's a little far fetched, I get it, but the positions do exist. I enjoy having the flexibility to take on temporary projects from time to time!

Online temporary volunteering is okay as well. You can find me on CareerVillage and Jumpstart.


Azure, Cisco routing and switching.

I also enjoy looking for potential improvements in user interfaces. [1,2, 3 , 4]

Jobs: Networking, SysAdmin, IT Support, Technical Consulting

I'm not super interested in hardcore Cybersecurity.Company
Some companies I will jump to work at, irregardless of size, but preferably under 500 people worldwide. If you need some short term work for a startup, I'm fine with that.
People: I prefer to listen to others rather than talk myself.
Pro-Purposeful meetings. Not interested in a suit and tie culture.

Aspects of my past jobs include A) being nearly alone or wo…

Project: Optimizing Wi-Fi For a Residence.

A 5-year old house is not quite optimized for ideal wireless setup. Let's help them.

*Not an accurate representation to maintain security.

Issue: The Wi-Fi router from Verizon is in the back of the house. Around 70% of the house can receive the signal, but not the office in the very front.


Netgear router (not extender)
Netgear extender.
Home router from Verizon
Cable boxes
Other things that use Wi-Fi.

What To Do When You're Done With LinkedIn

You use LinkedIn because it's the biggest 'job networking' site on the internet.

Can you be yourself on the website? If you're a constantly positive person who never has any struggles and doesn't need a job or a sale, then they will welcome you with open arms!

Otherwise, you don't have a prayer in getting hired, finding clients, or making money.

People are multifaceted, and LinkedIn doesn't welcomes that. Here are some places that might.

Shapr is very quick and card-based. It operates like one of those dating apps - You pick who you want to deal with.  I appreciate the start. There's far less pressure to 'provide value' or whatever the buzzword of the day is. Just talk!

Has a few words to describe a person. Not here to overload you with information, or browbeat you about how someone is 'detail oriented'.Is not quite active. Good for meeting people for casual talks (which can be remote or in person during non-pandemic times).A…

Hey, Internet, Show Me the Dark Fibre

I am doing a Pluralsight course - Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks: WAN for Enterprise Networks - and it mentioned a little something called Dark Fibre.

That's a new term for me, and maybe for you as well. Let's research it.

Dark Fibre is a bit of unused optical fiber. One can make a private fiber network with this, as it sounds like the dedicated telephone lines that companies can buy to connect sites that are miles apart.

It has great potential for capacity. There seem to be many unused fiber cables out there, buried underground, as telecom companies apparently bought too much. 

They may not sit unused for long, however, as with increased internet demand these days, content creators are demanding it.

How to Mitigate Zoom Hijacking

While in a Zoom meeting for assisting students during a turbulent time, after about 20 minutes, it was quickly taken over by 'pranksters' with inappropriate images.

There was a flurry of the event hosts trying to pull up the settings to remove the troublemakers. The meeting was quickly retooled to put everyone on mute for the next round.

A lot of people have been quickly thrust into this world of web conferencing, and selected Zoom, a software that works, but with little to no security. There's certainly no end to end encryption. 

Why is this serious? Because video streaming uses UDP packets, and an attacker doesn't need all of them to get the gist of the information being transferred.

I don't want to see people scramble to reestablish professionalism, so I made a quick guide.

I downloaded this spyware Zoom onto a test phone and laptop to set up a test meeting:

Auphelia Degardess is the name of the phone, and the one with the visual of myself. Mirren Vuilaassen is …

How People in Tech Have the Same Failings as Their Companies

You will often find that the biggest tech companies, who brag about their diversity and inclusion initiatives, often leave out one thing.

Pretend you haven't read the title of this post, and guess what it is.

eBay (Yes, I consider eBay a tech company).


Most of the jobs are clustered around only a handful of areas. Especially in the United States. There are few - if any - remote options listed.

With the event of COVID-19, there are plenty of businesses scrambling to enter the 21st century with remote work.
Figuring out how to adjust Active Directory to let users access files from home. Setting up Zoom (With all its questionability) meetings. Using spyware and demanding employees have their webcams on at all times because they don't trust their staff, and are stuck in 1943.
But I'm not here today to talk about companies and their Illusions of Inclusion. I'm here to talk about how people who pooh-pooh these companies hardly do better in making events that include peo…

The 5G Future (TechRepublic PDF)

"Artificial intelligence is coming—home assistants, smart homes, smart cities, all of those things are becoming real. We used to be talking about it in the past and now you’re seeing it day to day."  - Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere

Addendum: 5G is not causing Coronavirus.

Here. Yep, gotta make an account to download it. It is fairly old, as it was published in 2018. So, to them, we're already living in the future of 5G, and it's a bit underwhelming. Isn't all new tech at first?

It's been quite a while since we've written about our old friend, 5G technology for phones and other mobile devices.

11. Introduction to Machine Learning

Podcast Appearance: Bridges in Tech by Joanna Udo

That's me! 
I talk about writing, my trip to Grace Hopper Convention 2019, and this blog! Read more here, and listen to Bridges in Tech on your podcast platform of choice.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

It's an executable, not a full-fledged program intended to replace your Anti-virus software.It self-destructs* after 10 days unused from the download.

*Maybe not self destruct, but it will render itself inoperable. Threats change all the time, even 10 days could make it outdated!

It took quite a long time, and slowed my PC to a crawl. Best to use it overnight, if possible. It concluded, and listed the removed software.

You can download the latest version here.

Ring The Alarm: How Reliability Monitor Put Me on The Path to Solving a Serious Sound Problem.

So, here's a tool I didn't know about until now ("now" being when I initially wrote this post in...October?). Windows Reliability Monitor; You can find it by searching (Click the Windows icon and just start typing!)

There are no errors between May 2019 and September 1st 2019:

I did not get this laptop until July 2019, and it was refurbished. So, either the monitor doesn't go back more than 5 months, or this machine was returned and wiped and sat in storage for months until I bought it.The numbers on the far left indicate a health score - 10 is best. The problems make the score start at 5.  An update between September 1st and 15th caused some things to not update, including an Intel driver, but we're all good now.

You'll see IntelAudioService and "Stopped Working" under summary.

That is probably the one issue I have truly had with this laptop - The audio will randomly stop. It's nothing a restart can't rectify, but now I know to simply re…

Today's Problem (SOLVED, 3/22, Un-solved 4/16): "My Netgear Extender Won't Work with My Xfinity Router Anymore!"

So I was tinkering in the Router settings of my Xfinity router, looking at the things that could be done. I do admit that I changed some settings (mainly the ones that release the DHCP every day instead of every week).

All this tinkering has somehow bricked my Wi-Fi extender, Netgear WN3000RPv3

It can connect to my main router (Xfinity), but Xfinity is no longer passing the data to it.It can be pinged.When I connect to it, I can ping other sites.It loads my Bing splash page and the list of news articles, but not the actual articles when I click them. Maybe a cache issue there? The issue is actually with my personal laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad. Other devices can use it as intended. Good to narrow it down that way. The LED indicating connectivity to the device is amber. The LED indicating connectivity to the Router is green.
What did I do before contacting Comcast?

I reset the extender back to factory settings.
I power cycled both devices.
I did ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, an…

The Book I Need at 27 is One I Read at 11

If you were a child during the early to mid 2000s or worked in Children's Publishing, you quickly learned the names of some notable protagonists.

Harry, Percy, Artemis. Darren, Eragon, Charlie[1]. All guys, all pale, all magical. It wasn't a new type of fantasy-novel hero, but one that really ran amok during that time.

[1] If, somehow, you don't know: Harry Potter (wizards), Percy Jackson and The Olympians (myths, with many spinoffs to match), Artemis Fowl (Fae), The Saga of Darren Shan (vampires), Eragon (high fantasy), and Charlie Bone (which is a little harder to describe).

There is, however, one book series that was never quite as popular as any of the above:

A lonely child who threw himself into his work of becoming a great magician, in an alternate universe of magical London, where one can summon demons.

 Underestimated and scorned by his master, he works hard to master his studies in secret, after constantly being punished for his curiosity. After a potent, though …

AARP Outsmart Scammers 8-Day Challenge

I saw this as an advertisement in one of my CNET e-mails and decided to click and see what it's about.

(But not before thinking 'Wait, what if this is a scam?')

Doesn't seem to be.

Here's the site (may be defunct at the time of this posting).

Configure the Network For Your Virtual Machines (Azure)

Create an Azure Virtual Network Create an Azure VPN GatewayLearn to Work with Azure ExpressRoute
 Oddly, none of those options are in a Sandbox, and require an actual Azure subscription for learners, like some other segments. Ah well, let's briefly talk about Azure VPNs.

Azure VNs provide the same network capabilities as regular VNs, or even VLANs that are spread out physically, and you may need to jump onto Layer 3 to access your virtual neighbor in another cubicle.

Azure: I Finally Understand the Difference between ___aaS

Truthfully, SaaS was always easy - Think GMail, Office 365, or even Blogger.

PaaS (Platform As A Service) was always trickiest, but one can sum it up as "I, the provider, provide the machine and networking instances already set up for you."

IaaS (Infrastructure as A Service) is simply "Are the machines available for the customer to put whatever they want to on them? Their own OS, DBs, etc?"

Today's Questions:

Linux User Management in the Terminal

From Jack Wallen @ Tech Republic

 The user is made. -m gives them a home directory you can see with ls /home.

A different user was made. They don't have a home directory because the -m parameter wasn't used. But they can at leave have a password. It doesn't show here.

You can add a password when you make a user with -p.This one will appear.

 -l means the user is made but locked out from logging in.

You can put users into (normal) groups with -a (Modify user) -G (put in a group). The following numbers are the group ID. You can make multiple groups with the same ID.

Azure: The Cost Factor

Subscriptions all include Billing + subscription support, and various forms of documentation.

There are 4 kinds of subscriptions.

200$ Credits for your first 30 DaysAccess to popular programs is free for 12 mo.25 products are always free.No spending limit bc there are credits.

100$ in credits for a year.Select Free ServicesNo spending limit bc there are credits. Verify you're a student. 
Pay As You Go:
Billed monthly for services used.

An agreement that you'll spend X amount upfront. It's not quite like Azure Reservations, which have 1 and 3 year terms.You can get customized pricingPay annually. If you are an account owner, you can make more subcriptions.

What makes the things cost money?

Azure: Databases (SQL,Cosmos, Warehouses, Data Lake)

Azure Active Directory

There's a section on Azure Active Directory (AzAD) here. The video is unaffiliated with Microsoft. Although they do seem to have the preview version of AzAD when making a VM, as I do not.

That doesn't stop me from going into the AzAD section on the pullout!

Case Study: T-Mobile Tuesdays and The Starbucks Deal of December 10th, 2019

SITUATION: About 3 weeks ago, T-Mobile has a second deal in its popular T-Mobile Tuesdays app:

"Come back at 3PM Central to get a Starbucks 3$ gift card!"

This would not be the first time the Telecommunications brand encouraged people to flood the app to get free or discounted food - earlier in 2019, there was a similar deal with Panda Express, and the Chinese-American Chain was not prepared to handle the orders, letting many of them go unfulfilled.

Would T-Mobile be more ready? I mean, they are a telecommunications company, right?

So 🪑 You Have a LinkedIn Business Page....

... But there's nothing there.

No header, no content, nothing.

How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? You aren't a business. You're a person with Google, 5 minutes, and a dream.

Look at my page - Lucas Network Solutions - Do you want something like that? Do you want a start like that?

It increases your credibility. Your page views (Not by millions, maybe 10s). Your brand.

Go to that page, find me - The one employee - and send me a message.

It's more affordable than you think.

Build a Company in Azure (in ONE day!)

What do we want? The Azure Fundamentals Cert by February! When do we want it? By Feb! Just said it, pay attention!

A very helpful guide by Daniel Baker (AzureDan).

You need a subscription (or trial) to make a resource group. But you can make a Markdown without it!

Markdown: The fancy image on the Dashboard.

Let's go!

CEScapades: Consumer Electronics Show 2020

Just like last year, I wasn't there. But it was certainly fun to see the variety of technology on show through the great reporting done by a variety of people (CNET, TechRepublic, Verge, BizJournal, ZDNet, even Variety).

Power to The Players with Sony's Playstation 5:

20 Years ago, the PS2 was released worldwide. Now, Sony is back at it again. The PS5 is scheduled for Holiday 2020, with an SSD and 3D audio.

And, a logo.

Fly Me to The 9 to 5: Flying Cars from Hyundai for ...Uber!

Will you need a new license to drive a flying car? The concept looks more like a plane with a lot of propellers than any kind of flying car you can imagine.

Hyundai are calling them "electric vertical takeoff and landing" aircraft.

Uber will start testing in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023, because maybe there will be less smog in LA then.

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim and Kevin Behr

This was briefly available for free on December 19th, so I picked it up to read over the holiday, enjoying a good novel.

 I like the pixel art!
It's how a fictional company goes from guesswork to greatwork regarding the many, many facets of its tech departments.

"Processes are there to protect people."
I realized quite a few interesting things: 

High, lofty titles like VP of Technology may be for some people, but not for me. Give me good old, on the ground IT Help Desk or Network Technician any day. This had me rethinking my entire career path - applying for 3 years to possibly get into a company like this?

But every career has its challenges and tough times. Nothing is immune, and if it is, it's not fun!

However, if you'd like to share this blog with others so we get some views and maybe a sponsor, well, I won't be opposed to that.  #AvoidCorporateRigamarole2020