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Case Study: T-Mobile Tuesdays and The Starbucks Deal of December 10th, 2019

SITUATION: About 3 weeks ago, T-Mobile has a second deal in its popular T-Mobile Tuesdays app: "Come back at 3PM Central to get a Starbucks 3$ gift card!" This would not be the first time the Telecommunications brand encouraged people to flood the app to get free or discounted food - earlier in 2019, there was a similar deal with Panda Express, and the Chinese-American Chain was not prepared to handle the orders, letting many of them go unfulfilled. Would T-Mobile be more ready? I mean, they are a telecommunications company, right?

So 🪑 You Have a LinkedIn Business Page....

... But there's nothing there. No header, no content, nothing. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously? You aren't a business. You're a person with Google, 5 minutes, and a dream. Look at my page - Lucas Network Solutions - Do you want something like that? Do you want a start like that? It increases your credibility. Your page views (Not by millions, maybe 10s). Your brand. Go to that page, find me - The one employee - and send me a message. It's more affordable than you think.

Build a Company in Azure (in ONE day!)

What do we want? The Azure Fundamentals Cert by February! When do we want it? By Feb! Just said it, pay attention! A very helpful guide by Daniel Baker (AzureDan). You need a subscription (or trial) to make a resource group. But you can make a Markdown without it! Markdown: The fancy image on the Dashboard. Let's go!

CEScapades: Consumer Electronics Show 2020

Just like last year, I wasn't there. But it was certainly fun to see the variety of technology on show through the great reporting done by a variety of people (CNET, TechRepublic, Verge, BizJournal, ZDNet, even Variety). Power to The Players with Sony's Playstation 5 : 20 Years ago, the PS2 was released worldwide. Now, Sony is back at it again. The PS5 is scheduled for Holiday 2020, with an SSD and 3D audio. And, a logo. Fly Me to The 9 to 5: Flying Cars from Hyundai for ...Uber ! Will you need a new license to drive a flying car? The concept looks more like a plane with a lot of propellers than any kind of flying car you can imagine. Hyundai are calling them "electric vertical takeoff and landing" aircraft. Uber will start testing in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023, because maybe there will be less smog in LA then.

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim and Kevin Behr

This was briefly available for free on December 19th, so I picked it up to read over the holiday, enjoying a good novel.  I like the pixel art! It's how a fictional company goes from guesswork to greatwork regarding the many, many facets of its tech departments. "Processes are there to protect people." I realized quite a few interesting things:  High, lofty titles like VP of Technology may be for some people, but not for me. Give me good old, on the ground IT Help Desk or Network Technician any day. This had me rethinking my entire career path - applying for 3 years to possibly get into a company like this? But every career has its challenges and tough times. Nothing is immune, and if it is, it's not fun! However, if you'd like to share this blog with others so we get some views and maybe a sponsor, well, I won't be opposed to that.  #AvoidCorporateRigamarole2020