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Defining My Core Strengths

From If you are an investment, what sort of return can the employer expect? Let's save this for later.

WiFi 6 Demo

"Here's the old school, 802.11ac" Amazing, how in 2013, that was the newest thing Apple had installed on the Macbook Air version for the year. Interested (& wary, as always) of the wireless statistics from users available on the new APs. 

Shadow Text & The Gradient Wave(Javascript 30 Redo)

The original project has a plain white background, one emoji, and one word of text. I added a gradient background. Psst. I have that.

Clock Un-Stoppers (JavaScript 30 Redo)

Earlier this year, I did the JavaScript30 course by Wes Bos. I decided to try it again despite completing it (mostly) because it was fun. Day 2 stumped me with the clock. I had revisited it in my nightmares and in the physical realm, still mystified as to why my hands weren't moving. Tonight, I started with this one straight on, with 90% success. New GitHub -> Here . Why does it work now? Here's a sample of both codes;

A User's Guide to Working With Morgan Lucas

UPDATED: 1/3/2020 Happy Friday! Eurovision 2019 finals are tomorrow! I came across a handy template from  this  Muse article - How do your employees view gratitude and appreciation at work? Let's fill it out! For me, I mean. You can fill out yours. Why are you writing this user guide? What do you hope will be the result of writing and sharing it? To better understand what I like, and what environment I can fit best into. Preferably an enviroment like thus: The greatest job ad I ever read basically said "this is our workplace, we have lives outside of it, everyone here is nice but we're not into forced parties & office softball teams, if you want to just go home at the end of the day, cool, so do we." — dr. kittens not kids (@kittensnotkids) January 2, 2020 Basically: I'm here to do a job and be reasonably polite. Not best friends, not spend time after work with you. That's why I favor remote work. I am not concerned about missing

CCNA Recap: Port Security

Trunk ports and Etherchannel ports are not eligible for Port Security. Why? Etherchannel ports are bundled logically to look like one link with larger capacity than a single link. Trunk ports carry all traffic. switchport mode access switchport port-security Port security does not care where frames come from (local device or other switches) Watch incoming frames, keeps list of source MACs & counter of source macs Sticky Secure Mac Addresses Port security learns mac of each port and stores them so you don’t have to put in everyone by hand. Because it's a switch  - Layer 2 - It's all about MAC Addresses.

Mac Automator: Awesomely Mostly Obsolete

While installing a new art program, I saw that my Macintosh HD only has about 22 GB of storage left. "Yeesh," I said, clicking 'Continue', "I need to clean up some files. Not just files, Applications. If I'm not using it, get rid of it." Then I saw a little robot icon - "Automator". And thought "What the heck is this?" This video is from 2014, right before the programmer / automator boom. Automator is designed so that your computer does repetitive tasks that you outline in a helpful GUI.

DIY POS ft. Panera

** WILL RELOCATE** Have to put that in because this is the post that shows up on Bing/Google search when you search this blog title. Panama City, Florida is becoming a new place. While the mall won't return, instead opting for 2 department stores, a Planet Fitness, and a movie theater you have to enter through a back alley, other places nearby are being remodeled after extensive damage from Hurricane Michael. The Books A Million is beautiful and the Target is sleek and modern. A lot of blue metal and wood. The Panera has also followed suit. It's a shame it took a Category 5 storm to drag the city into the 21st Century, but better late than never. I'm happy for them, and will be even happier when I am living in another city. Remodels can't fix a mismatch of opportunity. Today is Panera's day. Gone is the charmingly late 90's decor, jumping 2 decades in 2 weeks with sleek, white rustic touches, a lot of glass, and a lot of natural light. I dig it.

CCNA Recap: NTP (Network Time Protocol)

This is a new series where I revisit CCNA topics for remembrance and explanation. A mix of old and new notes. There are thousands of NTP servers around the world with access to atomic and GPS clocks (Very precise clocks), synchronised with Coordinated Universal Time. NTP clients initiate a request with a server, and the client updates about once every 10 minutes on port 123. NTP synchronize the clock times on computers and devices within a network. Why is this important? From updates to security (though NTP has its flaws), Timing matters. It's possible to have Time of Day restrictions to network resources. If you receive an alert that someone is on the network after hours, but your time isn't synchronized correctly, how do you know if someone is simply working past clock-out time after being logged in all day, or has truly logged in at 11 PM?

Log Into Your Friend's Wi-Fi Network with a QR Code, Thanks Android Q [CNET]

Spoilers: You'll need a Pixel to run either Beta version of Q. So, I can't test it unless someone out there has an awesome hardware emulator. Article For those people who have "guests" at their home, instead of fiddling with nonsense, tell them to scan a QR code. You might also have to explain what that is and how it works, but with Lens, it looks far easier. You can read about how to generate the code at the article. I'm here to talk about actually scanning it.