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ARM Templates / Infrastructure as Code with Azure Bicep

 An unintentional part 1. So Bicep is like Terraform but a different language that's native to Azure ! That's fun. Here's a video about it (I love how enthusiastic the person is) Now that you get it, let's try it. First we have our resource group; This is where things like virtual machines (virtual computers), storage account, and some configurations are stored for organizational ease. az group create --name runtcp  -l eastus 💡 Check the naming convention of the locations. I kept putting in us-east Ala AWS Then we make the storage account to go in! this can store resources that can be open to the greater internet for people to download - Or it can have the proper security measures in place for certain people to have access to. az group deployment create --resource-group runtcp  --template-file main.bicep --mode Complete A very cool thing the video Azure Bicep Crash Course, by Meet Kamal Today does is use an array to push the same resource in multiple regions (3:30) &#