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Consulting for a Major Streaming Service

     It is my dream to have a 'working relationship' with companies and tell them "This is great, I especially like x,y, and z." or "Err on the side of caution when doing this - It could be misinterpreted."  So when a certain company said "Do that, for us, for a few days." I said "Happy to help." " And we'll pay you!" "Even happier to help!"   I will not give specifics on information gathered and shared beyond "habits", as I signed a contract. And when I sign a contract, I consider this contract work. So I will absolutely drop in conversation, "Hey, I consulted for ... someone I can't say... for 🌟10 Days🌟!" This is about my experience - And I'm happy to say it was pleasant. The project-runners were clearly people who valued our insight. Here's a story about them that has nothing to do with the study, but this post should be a little longer.

What Do You Need? [List of Offered Services]

2023 Version is here, at this handy Notion Page.

On the Job: Network Setup and Maintenance for Student Testing

First contract position since I graduated. Overview of Project: PC Technicians will work on site at locations to assist with the setup and testing of client provided Cellular- connected Wireless networks and laptops and assist end user. a. Unbox and install wireless router/access points b. Document any damage to container or product and fill out damage report c. Run power cords to each device and tape down cords as needed d. Turn on Laptop and launch browser to ensure online The 'client provided Cellular-connected Wireless' network equipment in question were Cradlepoint routers, which I had never heard of before. It uses cell service to have an internet connection, to connect 11 laptops for student testing. I'm not sure the client name was ever said, but it was some group in charge of testing students for a state test. I set up the network in a YMCA that had been delegated to storage after the hurricane. The equipment was easy to set up, th