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(Signal) Boost This Post (Ft. T-Mobile Again)

Yep, this happened. Refer back to Towers of Power Ft. T-Mobile. To recap: This is the fruits of my father’s effort, and the fruits of mine were getting our signals refreshed to the tower and reestablishing connectivity. That's part of the reason I'm even posting this, because there's no cost to actually use our T-Mo hotspot on our phones. It's pretty fast! I'm not a shill, I swear. This is a 4G LTE signal booster. There are two pieces - a Window Unit, and a Coverage Unit. It comes with a few instruction booklets. I notice once says “You must register your device with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent.” Well, they sent it to me. I hope they know I have it. My first thought was actually “I haven’t had Xfinity for three weeks, how am I supposed to do that?” Before I remember context clues.

Towers of Power ( ft. T-MOBILE)

So, Hurricane Michael happened. Wiped out a lot of infrastructure - Xfinity is totally wiped out. Most importantly, it reaffirmed how I really want to get somewhere else ASAP. But we're going to poke around T-Mobile's network settings. Service was fairly restored around three days after the storm, and worked nicely until Thursday the 25th. While we had service, we were stuck on "emergency calls only" . Why? I don't know. The first rep my father talked to wasn't quite aware of what was happening, but sent us a signal booster, so yay for more things to learn. We could get the signal. We just didn't know why our phones - Two Samsungs and a LG - were no longer friends with the nearby tower. So I took things into my own hands - With everything else happening, he was content to take their word for it, but I know abnormal behavior when I see it - and talked through direct message on Twitter to the company .  Also, I'm not here to bad-mouth the ca

How To Buy A Car

Wasn't able to get around to setting up my grandmother's Alexa (Why on earth do people buy those) - but want to save money on a car? Regular posting should resume pretty quickly.

The Late Capitalism of Fast Food Twitter

(Only a video, dealing with Hurricane Michael aftermath. Talk to me on LinkedIn )

WiFi Overview 360

This is a screenshot of some local WiFi networks (17 in total - Somehow Direct TV is its own antenna with connectivity), courtesy of WiFi Overview 360 (No promo).


As I poke around my home office, I find two wireless routers. Technically they should be a combo switch/router, or a L3 Switch, but they're here. Well, one is the combo device, one is a flat out wireless router that would connect to an ISPs router to give us access to the internet. So I hooked one up to my PC (My Laptop doesn't have Ethernet ports) so I could poke around again with my old-found (as opposed to new-found) IT knowledge. Welcome to Routerworld. We own the equipment even though we don't have AT&T's internet anymore.

The Root of All Evil (To Samsung)

Warning - Rooting a phone makes it even more vulnerable to malware and attacks. Be mindful. That being said, let's make our phone even more vulnerable to malware and attacks, shall we.