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December 2020

 December will be spent helping others, networking, establishing contacts - and generally touching up older (and some exclusive) posts to be posted on my Medium blog. It will be easier for you to follow, share, and support, and I appreciate every interaction. This blog will not be discontinued - In fact, I'm growing more than ever! Again, follow me on Medium here .

LinkedIn's Web Redesign Is..."Modern" (Nov. 2020)

I'm not here to take a dump on the hard working web designers who brought their ideas to life because there are good things, and things that need just a smidgen of improvement. One day in November 2020, I opened my LinkedIn to see this:

Using Tableau and Letterboxd To Manipulate Movie Data

  Letterboxd is a personal database to keep track of what movies you've watched, want to watch, and their ratings 🎥 Now, we're looking at my own data. Everything goes from 2016 - 2020, even though some movies are dated for the years they were released. I am keeping the date watched and the year released in the data. I've hidden the Letterboxd URLs to the specific movie pages - It's not necessary - and my own username is not shown. Spoiler alert: There are movies that are highly acclaimed that...I do not like! Feel free to link to this post and go "How does she like ' Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets ' more than ' Up '?" Check out the public charts here on Tableau Public, and follow along!

Books and Tech: "Evil Genius" by Catherine Jinks

 I read this in high school and randomly remembered it today. It's a book that made me want to be involved with network infrastructure.                                                               This is the Australian cover. Doesn't it look cool?  It's very well-researched (though some of the concepts it touches on seem to have died in real life). Also, terminology kind of marches on - "computer phones" is something constantly said. Searching that in 2020...You get smartphones and various 'use your PC as a phone' links from CNET.   I won't be breaking down every section of the entire book.   "They sent in sniffing programs to intercept his access code."    

Tableau Data for Target's Good and Gather Products

 None of this is promotional. I am not paid by Target to do this. Boy, I wish I were. Someone let them know!    I really love to cook. It's fun to find unrelated ingredients and make something out of them that's mostly palatable. This idea came to me while driving home from Target. I had bought stuff from Good and Gather, their in-house grocery brand that replaced Market Pantry. With its sleek and minimalist design packaging, it's easy to spot on a busy shelf. While not the first time I've bought G&G items, it was the first time I thought "What makes me go to this brand?" The G&G item is usually less expensive by a few cents. Target's food brands have built enough goodwill with me to take the chance. Not every item is a winner - some I still prefer a different, more established brand. Some  are so ordinary, there's no point in reviewing it. A baby carrot is a baby carrot, G&G ones come from the same field as Green Giant.    I'm guessin