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Good and Gather(ing Data to use in Tableau)

 None of this is promotional. I am not paid by Target to do this. Boy, I wish I were. Someone let them know!


 I really love to cook. It's fun to find unrelated ingredients and make something out of them that's palatable (mostly).

This came to me while driving home from Target after buying a lot of stuff from Good and Gather, the in-house grocery brand that replaced Market Pantry. With its sleek and minimalist design packaging, it's easy to spot on a busy shelf.

This is not the first time I've bought G&G items, but it is the first time I thought "What makes me go to this brand?"

Often times, the G&G item is less expensive by a few cents. Target's brand (at least on the food front) have built enough goodwill with me  for me to take the chance.

Not every item is a winner - some I still prefer a different, more established brand. Some food items are so ordinary, there's no point in reviewing it. A baby carrot is a baby carrot, G&G ones come from the same field as Green Giant. 


I'm guessing.

This post will be in 3 sections;


  • The 5 food reviews are things I have tried personally.
  • The graphs in Tableau will incorporate those 5 objects and 15 items from the Target website that have reviews, and how I changed them to work with the data I had.
  • The Stats are the information found.

For the chart (See here): I used the information on "Guest Ratings and Reviews" [example]

For 'Repurchase', I used the chart on the far right that says '____% would recommend'.

The 5 Foods

Sharp Cheddar

Department: Dairy

Taste: 3

Value: 4

A cheddar-and-apple salad with walnuts and cranberries is delicious.

Review: It's chewy, and doesn't leave you with the good snapback other cheeses do. It's like biting into something and you're waiting for the feedback, but it doesn't come. Nothing bad, but not my textural preference.

Verdict: I'd rather go with Tillamook for the extra sharp. I'd repurchase occasionally.

Green Lentils

Department: Pantry
Taste: 4
Value: 5

Lentils are little flat grains that are good at making you feel full. I usually cook mine in a crock pot for a few hours and eat them in their own liquid, which gains a nice, earthy flavor. It would probably absorb flavors fairly well. Remember to salt that water!

The texture gets mushier the longer you have them cooked and sitting. It's still edible, but my preference is to the 'just barely finished cooking, oh it's still hard, wait no it's good ' side of the equation.

Verdict: Good. Would repurchase.

Pineapple Coconut Flavored Water

Department: Beverages

Taste: 1

Value: 3

It doesn't taste like much of anything, but it's .99 cents, so I guess you could do worse. I wanted to use it in a smoothie without opting for a dairy-based option while having flavors I don't often have on hand. The taste is minimal.

Verdict: Spring for the Bai Molokai Coconut instead. There's also a pineapple option.

Apple and Gouda Chicken Sausage

Department: Meat and Seafood
Taste: 4
Value: 3

Needs more apple flavor, but cheaper than the other 'artisan' sausage by .30c. There are other flavor varieties.

Verdict: Good.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nutrition Bars

Department: Snacks
Taste: 5
Value: 5

The closest alternative are Larabars, which are also good and a bit more expensive. 

Verdict: The texture is a lot less distinct than the Larabars, where you can taste individual nut or chocolate pieces, but it won't kill you. Unless you're allergic to nuts.

The Analytical Reasoning part - The Graphs (& How I manipulated them)

Find them Here on Tableau Public

I had to filter out the "Blog Post HERE" section of the spreadsheet.


At first, Tableau was not acknowledging my "Taste (1-5)" and "Value (1-5)" labels. On the data source section, you can select "Clean with Data Interpreter" and it figured it out.

Repurchase Likelihood Sheet: Tableau sorted the "Repurchase" fields by 'Yes' or 'no'...and the one time I idly put 'Sure' about that cheddar block.

By Item sheet: I had to edit the axis. My scale went only up to 5, this one stopped at 6. 

Percentile of Value and Taste Sheet: I removed 'sauces', as there was only one in that department and multiple options in others (besides snacks. I left snacks because that item was more positively received. Ah, data manipulation!)


The Stats

 20 Items were selected.

Average Score of Taste and Value: Avg. Taste score was 3.35, Avg. Value score was 3.65

65% of items were likely to be repurchased. I came to this conclusion by giving items with "50% recommend" or higher a 'yes' mark.

This was very fun to do, and I learned a lot. I should find some more data to play around with.

If anyone at Target would like to get in contact about this, see here.


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