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Yes, There Are Competent IT and Cyberprofessionals Out There, If You're Not Cheap.

The updated (and frankly, better written and edited) version will be on my Medium blog December 7th, 2020 with the title " The Myth of the Tech Talent Shortage and The Cost To Your Business ." My Medium profile is here . This post is getting attention again: Hi. I like to think I've gotten less angry than when this was posted (Though I still think it's true, the times have changed with COVID-19, and I could have worded this more constructively). I'm pivoting to different areas of IT; Check the services and projects tag.   It's still BS that there aren't more part time positions in IT and tech. It's not like the talent isn't plentiful.  From Atlanta, Georgia Baltimore, Maryland Newark, New Jersey Savannah, Georgia What do they have in common? They have been the victim of serious cyberattacks on their infrastructure. Said attacks cost the affected city governments and companies more than 30$million dollars .

The T and G - T-Mobile Launching 5G, of course it's rather limited [The Verge]

As I read this article , the power is out. It's been flicking on and off for a few days now as construction is going on in the neighborhood. I'm using T-Mobile's Hotspot Feature yet again. And if I were in a city that mattered, such as LA, NYC, Vegas, and ones that matter slightly less but still matter more than where I am - Dallas, Cleveland - and had a Samsung Galaxy S10, I'd be cruising along on 5G. Curiously, they're not testing in Chicago, as Verizon already has that covered . mmWave Spectrum has even more limited of a range, so if I were in Hell's Kitchen in NYC, sipping a cappuccino from a local coffee shop, then I could be cruising along on 5G. There's one big caveat on having the Galaxy S10, however, and you can read about that at the source. EMPLOYERS : This is me keeping up with changing technologies.