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Securing Terraform and You, Part 3 -- The Finish Line

9/20: The open source version of Terraform is now OpenTofu   I swear, this is not a recurring series. The problem just -- finally -- got solved. I went back to tfsec after seeing the simple start guide posted here , by Liam Galvin at Ghost Security. There are two aspects of my code:  Allow buckets starting with [word]  deny buckets that don't start with [word].  The initial guide only has "don't allow buckets that are exactly named this", but that's all I needed to actually get going! The problems could have been; The rego file and the terraform file don't play well in the same folder. Having the options in two separate subfolders helped even though there was a command that I used to read both files in the same folder. Trivy ... I don't know. Maybe the metadata setup was incorrect - but if it's set up as comments -- readable by the program but not acknowledged in the rego -- who knows. I can work on that in the future. The code was similar though not

The flickering of a 2019 MacBook Pro

  It started, late one summer evening... This laptop is pretty much lightly used, was package well for shipping, and only sat on my desk after arrival.  description:  a computer monitor with a silver base and black border with a photo of a desert landscape. white lines dance across the surface. I see other people have tried steps listed as to remedy the problem, to no solution. One person on Apple's forums even received an entirely new (to them) machine, and it still persisted, so I'm thinking it's a software problem.  After restarting several times, I restarted into the diagnostics tools. I had dead pixels on my old MacBook Air and I dropped that more than once - no flickering. How can a laptop that simply sat for a few months flicker on the display? [ I forgot to make a video while the issue was happening. If it starts again - hopefully not - I will edit one in ] The stripe is only on light backgrounds.  Anything darker than white does not see the stripe.  There are occas