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Javascript 30 notes for Day 15 ,17, and 20

Day 15 => Local Storage => GitHub Well, all the data will eventually be in an array. And that array data will be turned into a big string. Every time we add an item we run that populateList function. But it recreates the entire list, so be mindful of that. ID = For Ternary operator because any indication of the word checked will automatically check hte object in the list. LocalStorage is in the browser, stored in the domain. It’s a key value until further configured, and the only option is strings Day 17 => Article Replacement => GitHub Featuring bands of my own design. The replace() can take away articles for easier sorting. I wonder if there’s an option to take away vowels in words. Many ways to make this thing; return strip(a) > strip(b) ? 1 : -1 If all you’re doing in a function is returning something, you can use an implicit return; const sortBands = bands.sort((a, b) =>  strip(a) > strip(b) ? 1 : -1); (remove return and the } brack

Apple Pay is Coming...To Target, Speedway, 7-11, and Taco Bell

Article ; Incoming "If you use an Apple product you probably aren't eating at Taco Bell," comment. Target's RedCard will work with Apple Pay. “With the addition of these national retailers, 74 of the top 100 merchants in the US and 65 per cent of all retail locations across the country will support Apple Pay,” notes Apple in a press release. I both do not use iPhones or ApplePay, and I enjoy keeping everything separate, so while interesting, it's not my style. Very surprised, with it's attempt at upscale, that it took this long for Target to get on that train.

JavaScript 30 notes for day 10, 12, and 14

——— Day 10: Press Shift to Pay Respects ==> Github All boxes checked between the first and last box you’ve checked, nice. listen for checkbox activity (input type - checkbox) eventlistener for a click (or keyboard ‘click’) put the first check into a variable. (as let, it’s reassigned constantly) see if shift key is down. and if key is down and box is checked, have a blast, do what you want. “Is the checkbox equal to the one being checked”? ——— Day 12 Code-Nami Press ===> GitHub

JavaScript 30 Notes for day 6,8

I have notes for days 3 - 5, and 7, but they're too short to make a good post with. This is from Day 8!

Javascript 30 Notes for Day 1, 2.

I'm actually on Day 6, but I like to have a good buffer to go over notes and make sure everything is uploaded to GitHub properly when completed. This is Wes Bos' JavaScript 30 , sent to me by a good friend, and I'm going to be doing this every day for a month. Then, probably doing them again. Day 1, we made a soundboard; GitHub files. Day 2, It's a clock...but no files.

Javascript Resources [02/14/2021 Update]

Happy New Year! I'm learning JavaScript and want to share some resources. Most of these are about understanding vanilla JavaScript, like this Javascript30 course I'm working through. I'm using Visual Studio Code for Mac to compile my codes. FreeCodeCamp has many resources in video, which is what I prefer: This particular one is more of a working model, using JSON to store values from webpages. Here is one that really starts you from the beginning. Still working through this one. CodeAcademy is possibly the best I have come across so far. The JavaScript course is available freely too, though you don't get the real world projects (I've done them, they're pretty easy). This Udemy's JavaScript Essentials works more with snippets in the console of Chrome. Of course, you can always pop around on GitHub, StackOverflow and read some questions. And Twitter is a good place too - Check out Javascript Digest . I like the SoloLearn course for Python a