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Featured: How Blogging Can Be A Powerful Form of Networking

 I was asked to write a post about...this blog! How and why I started it, and how it continues to help me. With a degree in Network Infrastructure, several certifications, but no real-world experience, I was “overqualified” for junior level roles straight out of college. Yet I still, simply put, couldn’t even begin to make a living in the field. This was 6 months after graduation, and 100s of applications and rejections in an allegedly ‘hot’ field. I had slipped through the cracks. Even though I’m in tech, I always wanted to be a writer when I was a kid. It occurred to me: what if I wrote about tech? I decided to put what I had learned to use and start my portfolio , to not only show employers what I learned, but also to remind myself what I could do. The beginning involved networking with any spare bit of technology I could find in my home - routers from previous ISPs, out of commission phones. Then it grew to tracking how telecom providers operated in my town, day jobs I was

I Attempted Terraform (OpenTofu) Remote and Imploded VS Code - Here’s How I Fixed It

9/20/2023: The open source version of Terraform is now  OpenTofu    Find a better formatted version of this post on my Notion . Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash What is Terraform Remote It can store state files of Terraform remotely. It’s used more when there are multiple developers working on one thing, so someone’s state isn’t totally overwritten. Similar to CircleCI or Jenkins. Why Did You Try It? To see if I could! What Did You Do? The code worked - It was my S3 bucket permissions that were a little off, and did not allow me to place anything in there unless I went into the GUI and did it myself - which is time intensive and defeats the purpose of this project a bit. What Happened Afterward? Uh, well, VS Code suddenly had a lot of issues with permissions - It seems to have imploded the executable on my machine. I couldn’t start it, (’The location of this file could not be found’), but it wasn’t in my list of programs to uninstall - It was a ghost program. Could You Delet

Packaging a Static Website with Dockerfile and pushing to DockerHub

 Want to read this with better formatting? Of course you do; Check out the page on Notion !   What's in the image? A simple static webpage I had created for fun a few months ago. I knew it would come in handy! What did I do? Used demo static webpage for testing. Created Dockerfile 💡 It should be Dockerfile, no extension. Dockerfile.Dockerfile is incorrect! Used nginx Alpine as server and the following code:  FROM scratch as static-site  WORKDIR /app  COPY . . [#to same directory] FROM nginx:1.16.0-alpine as server  COPY --from=static-site /app /usr/share/nginx/html  EXPOSE 80 [ #For web access] CMD [ "nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"]   From Mwiza Kumwenda (see resources below).   CMD [ "nginx" , "-g" , "daemon off;" ]       I wondered if I should use "start" in the CMD [ "nginx", "-g", "daemon off;"] list/tuple, but it worked to package the image without it  Actually, push