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Your Traffic Has Been Captured and Data Stolen; Sucks Huh? Very interesting article in parts about MITM attacks, unencrypted traffic, and the general gullibility of the modern person. ("Free WiFi Here" - No identification as to what company, just a splash page and user agreement checkbox).

Fullscreen Video Background Mockup

This is a mockup for a metro system. Clearly fake, because why would the United States have a decent metro system when people could make money? GitHub ⏭ Here Notes : I couldn't quite get the text to be in the middle of the page. Probably some padding issue. Here is the video used in the background of the page There's a tool in Visual Basic called Emmet, where we can type the first few letters of a bit of code, hit tab, and it fills in. No more typing all of !DOCTYPE HTML.

Star Ratings with Javascript and Font Awesome

Minus a sizable hitch, this was pretty fun. My Github Code => HERE NOTES:

iPhone iFun

I can now put "Yes, I work in an Apple ecosystem." on my cover letters 🎉 First; A huge thank you to Ren Beckford for sending me this device. I never thought I would own an iPhone! Second; There's a surprising amount of things to set up with this. I sold my share of iPhones in 2013 (It was around the 4 and 5s). There was a lot less than Siri and True Tone and Fingerprint scanner. There's a TV App...I wonder if I could watch Apple's new streaming service coming later this year. When are they going to officially announce it anyway. I want to see that M.Night show. And the plan is definitely: Make this a file server . Run some experiments. Figure out all of Apple's techy doo-dads. But in order to do that, we need files. So, time to put some stuff on it. But first, let's check out some features.

How It Works: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

“Bold yellow letters appear over a starfield; “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”   The English Audio description in front of every episode. This is a lot more theoretical than I’m used to. I had to watch several episodes to get enough material I was happy with.   (Oh, woe is me, I had to watch a great television program!) Let’s get started. " Looks like you used a macro protocol to wipe them all simultaneously. Impressive. " S1,E18, “The Mystery of The Thousand Moons” While this is something made up for the show, I did end up searching macro protocol and coming across this  page before the Wookiepedia page. “Protocol macros enable data to be sent to and received from external devices by simply executing the PMCR(260) instruction in the CPU Unit. “ That’s done via a serial port…but this is for industrial automation - Though many droids in the SWverse are seen as less refined and more industrial, let’s pretend that the serial port is