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Star Ratings with Javascript and Font Awesome

Minus a sizable hitch, this was pretty fun.

My Github Code => HERE


I am not sure if the Event Listener for getRatings loads in time  so the difference in ratings via the Font Awesome stars doesn't work. See the bottom of the getRatings function; the .style doesn't update the stars after changing a rating when I put it back in the code proper.

If you run the code and check the console, the artist names did initially appear, in 5 separate lists with the rating for the current item in the list.

My guess is that because most of the artists are more than one word (You can see in the video that he uses single-word brands; Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, ect.), it threw it off a bit.

Further along in the project, it does straighten out to be similar to the given example, though you can see that Hippolita is first, mainly because of that single-word-ness.

Try putting in a number larger than 5 in the box :)


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