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Fun With Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking Part 3: Troubleshooting

Here is the part you want to see - Troubleshooting! Question: Do trunks form between SW1 / SW2 and SW2 / S3? Remember: VLAN trunks are the highway that every bit of information can pass upon, no matter what VLAN it came from. When the VLAN frame gets closer to its destination, it will travel on roads only avaliable for that VLAN. The packets for SW1/2 so far show DTP and PAgP. Now, PAgP is Cisco-proprietary Etherchannel, but DTP is for trunking negotiation between switches. Wait!

Just Like Cheese, Your Chromebook can Expire [The Register]

Article here - If you don't subscribe to The Register, do so. They're funny. Everything stops receiving updates eventually. Understandable. Google offers 6.5 years of updates for devices. However, those years of updates start from when the product was originally released. I've dealt with products like that before. Is there a real suggestion for how to release updates in a way considered 'fair' - We could be like Microsoft, and release updates and patches for 10+ years until even they say "Hey, you really need to stop using XP."

Fun With Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking Part 2

This section covers hacking! Remember: I'm taking only a sliver of the information presented to give employers a better idea of what I know and am capable of learning, not copying someone's course word from word. You know why we don't use Telnet anymore? Because of this. This is in clear text.

Fun With Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking Part 1

This is David Bombal's course on Udemy . Screenshots will be scarcer because, hey, you didn't pay for this. I did. This covers the first 4 sections (Sans the OSI model): Introduction Setting Up Using Filters Setting Up: 

Cisco Devnet - How to Make a Splash Page ft. Meraki, Trial and Error, and Many Helpful Programmers

If you haven't looked at Cisco DevNet, it's a really hoppin' resource for hands on work. (Who says 'hoppin' resource'?) I'm working from two articles to: Use Meraki Make a captive portal - That thing that says 'Adhere by our T&C' when you try to log in to use public Wi-Fi with your VPN (You are using a VPN, right?) Articles: 1 , 2 Copying from git in cmd worked well (Somehow, I couldn't do it in Git Bash) However;

Learning Git

Trying to get a handle on Git using the video tutorial below: