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IRC through mIRC

  Story time:   I had heard about IRChat in a podcast  (NSFW) at first.    I had no idea until now it was a real thing that not only existed, but still exists .    This is the kind of late 90's "Hackers"-esque mysticism that surrounds tech I love.   IRC is an application based protocol that uses a client/server model to chat over text. They're not necessarily forums, as the functionality is bare-bones 'type words'.   Also, little ASCII people like this ヾ(•ω•`)o    

Contactless Tech’s Role in the New Guest Experience ft. INTELITY and The George

 Contactless hospitality technology is growing. You want to get away, and you'll be damned if a little thing like a deadly virus will stop you! But you still don't want to touch things. Ew. During the chat between INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson and THE GEORGE Director of Operations Kerrie Hunter, you’ll learn how the historic boutique hotel has adapted a mobile-first guest experience in the wake of COVID-19—and how they see contactless technology affecting the future of hospitality. I don't remember how I found INTELITY (probably hoping to score a position with them), but I liked them enough to stay on the e-mail lists.  

Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering (Azure)

I'm exploring different avenues of networking besides straightforward "Work on a network, stay late every day, no peace of mind, fight with higher ups to get resources.". You may have noticed that there's a smattering of UX and HTML/Javascript coding on here. I like coding, but I'm not too knowledgeable yet. UX is what I really enjoy (And I'm even working with a major company to improve theirs). Site Reliability Engineering seems to be a nice merging of the two. I imagine it's who you call when your eCommerce check-out services craps the bed. Not naming any names. This is actually the AZ-400 track

Making a Tourism Slideshow With HTML/CSS/JS (Ft. TraversyMedia)

 Video for reference here . I'm one to encourage good rest over constant work.  Yet I found myself awake at 2 AM listening to this video by TraversyMedia, because I was suddenly curious about making a full page image carousel. I wanted to listen before I put hand to keyboard in coding, so at around 3 AM, I pulled up my machine with an idea.   I followed the instructions and did most of the code myself. Here, I outline: The changes in my code from the original. The demo mockup ( Here ) The changes in the new Tourism: Welcome to Babylos! . The images may take a moment to load at first. The original video code says .buttons button#next .buttons button#prev But the code didn't work! The buttons were still as follows: