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CSS Animations (Beginner)

GitHub => Boxing Around Happy "Endgame" day, everyone! Or Seabreeze Jazz Festival Day, or SandJam Festival Day, or "I live somewhere that has things to do and I'm going to do them to forget I don't enjoy my job" day. But for me, it was 'Look, here's a small thing you can do to remind yourself about animations with CSS.' Day.

SONY: Bigger Than You Know

Today I learned that Sony offers Life Insurance and that the movies and TV aspect is only about 11% of the company. EMPLOYERS : This is me learning about the past of a Target Company.

The History and Science of Timecodes

Let A Mouse Teach You About Computers; Teacher's Pet Chip

Here's a fun, tech-related little fellow that I've had for years; Chip! He has googly eyes too. A little plush mouse that opens up to be a pocket guide to computers! Written by Dee Wood. Illustrated by Andy Peters. I wonder if they still write and illustrate? If you can see the copyright, it says 2000. I was 7 in 2000, and probably bought this at a Scholastic Book Fair, as it includes 2 things I love to this day - Computers and rodents. This thing is almost 20 years old, and I've kept it all that time.

T-Mobile Brings Us The Streaming Service of The Day First it was Netflix, and I only use free trials to watch Clone Wars. Then it was Disney+, which will now have Clone Wars. Then it was AppleTV+, which I have only marginal interest in one show. And now it's... T-Vision , a rebranded version of Layer3TV. No word on if that is 'Layer3' as in the Network Layer. Starts at 90$ a month for live tv, 275+ channels, 4k HD programming, and thousands of movies and shows onDemand. This article calls it " TV That Learns You ". Because I'm not on LinkedIn with this post, I don't have to pretend to be excited about yet another service gathering data on me to sell to people in this information age. 

How I Earned My CCNA

I get this question a lot, from LinkedIn to even Instagram and Tumblr, and thought I'd give a list of resources I used to pass both tests on my first try. It looks like a mugshot but it's not.

Testing Verizon's Early 5G Speeds...3 Major Issues [CNET]

Jessica Dolcourt isn't thrilled. And I can't blame her. Using a Moto Z3 and a mod for 5G, even directly under the 5G node in the Verizon store, the phone keeps going from 4 to 5G. It gets worse as spotty connections at various points in the Windy City stop, stall, and eventually cannot connect to 5G hotspots at all. The mod...well, read the article . It has an issue that won't be a problem as new phones comes out, but for now, it does. MY THOUGHTS

The Internet and Computing: Crash Course History of Science #43

Brand-standing Ft. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is an API that makes your urls reflective of your business. Ever see links on Twitter that look like This is part of the final beginner's Javascript lesson on CodeAcademy, but let's look around some more. A little like finangling with the DNS records of this very domain , more records needed to be placed within. That's really all it does, and the free account has enough options for me. You can pay for far more!

On the Job: Network Setup and Maintenance for Student Testing

First contract position since I graduated. Overview of Project: PC Technicians will work on site at locations to assist with the setup and testing of client provided Cellular- connected Wireless networks and laptops and assist end user. a. Unbox and install wireless router/access points b. Document any damage to container or product and fill out damage report c. Run power cords to each device and tape down cords as needed d. Turn on Laptop and launch browser to ensure online The 'client provided Cellular-connected Wireless' network equipment in question were Cradlepoint routers, which I had never heard of before. It uses cell service to have an internet connection, to connect 11 laptops for student testing. I'm not sure the client name was ever said, but it was some group in charge of testing students for a state test. I set up the network in a YMCA that had been delegated to storage after the hurricane. The equipment was easy to set up, th