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How to Secure Your Linux Webserver

Article I don't remember which distro of Linux Webserver I used - My computer has Ubuntu, so my guess is that flavor. I'm working in datafile.txt - But not so fast! The initial edited datafile.txt file.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update

The long-stagnant game has finally returned - And this time, it's actually finished.  Let's look at a little at what's arrived! Photog Fabulous The new camera features and filters are so fun. I love the eye-level view and being able to turn the camera on its axis. Which axis? You tell me. Fun fact; As I don't have Nintendo Online right now*, I sent these images to my smartphone via QR codes and a closed, ad-hoc network. Much easier than sending 4 at a time to my private Twitter and saving them. * ( Hint: Buy the Happy Home Paradise DLC before you buy the Nintendo Online Premium service; Then you have a copy to play with after your membership expires, as opposed to it being a 'feature' of the membership you can lose ) There are also neat new filters in the in-game camera: The first (surveillance) and third (retro) are definitely new.   Coffee Break Brewster is finally back! One of my favorite pastimes in New Leaf was running to the beach where I had placed The

SD-WAN Cisco Sandbox

  Want to get started using network automation, but don't have a suitable home lab? Cisco, as always, has you covered. The sandbox has configurations with special programming languages (For lack of a more clarifying term) like Ansible, YAML, or JSON, and probably Python. It's reminiscent of Cisco Live's Capture the Flag games, which I've participated in before. The site within the sandbox does not have full connectivity; Is redundancy set up? Are two routers connected to each other and one not? There's more info if you scroll to the right - "Device groups", "up since", "connected vManage", which is an SD-WAN controller that ensures visibility and control from end-to-end.   You'll notice TCP Optimization isn't reachable. This chart is the activity over 24 hours. If I sort by a smaller amount of time - say 1 or 3 - there is no data to show. Here's a reachable device. and here are the active interfaces [vedge01