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Connecting VMs Together in a Virtual Network (Azure)

Check out a better formatted version of this post here , on my Notion. Here - Don't be dismayed by the instructions. The GUI Way? Peering VNets. The Powershell way? A bit more involved. Today's Events: Configure a network security group + security rules using Powershell. The application server should connect to the database server over HTTP. BUT the database server shouldn't use HTTP to connect to the application server.

Webinar: Building B2B vs B2C Products by Spotify Sr PM Aisha Ishak

Ever wondered what the difference is between B2B and B2C Product Management ? Enterprise Product Management has different challenges and rewards than consumer products and while you may find that consumer products are more exciting, working on an enterprise product is extremely fascinating as well. Learn the differences here. Aisha Ishak is a Senior Product Manager leading the strategy, development, and launch of innovative and customer-centric products at Spotify.   My first instinct is to say that B2B uses  jargon, and B2C aims to be friendly and human because - say it with me - People buy from humans . *