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How to Build an Online Professional Presence Without Using LinkedIn

 (This is a bit of a departure but I'm still waiting for my cables to use my MacBook Air and finish the Bicep work.) On LinkedIn, saw a post by one of my connections -   " You don't have to post on websites you don't like to build your 'brand'. "  It was so simple and succinct that I went "You know what? Yeah, they're right." -- And, after 6 years of use, hibernated my LinkedIn account on about October 18th 2023 without warning. I don't have to read a bunch of cringey nonsense or watch companies accept bad behavior while "Hey, bigotry is bad" is "not a value alignment with our company". It's great.  I do miss the head-nod-glance acknowledgements of my connections, who have been greatly helpful, as well as watching animators spoil future Dreamworks projects by having them on their profiles and box office news. I do miss being able to send a message to someone to get some insight or let them know of an issue with the