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My Shoes Have Bluetooth and I Must Scream: UnderArmor's Hovr and MapMyRun

 Other potential titles included "Walking With the Enemy" and "Internet of Shoestrings". I'm not against the concept of the Internet of Things - IoT - but the severe lack of security installed on a commercial level, the lack of education for end users, and the growing reliance on technology in our world. The people who are best at their job have hobbies away from the machine. Some of mine include exercise, running, walking - I go through sneakers quick and hard. So I got some cool shoes - Under Armor HOVR .    They're not on the site but here they are. I got them from an outlet mall, could be discontinued.   I didn't realize until I got home that they had the Bluetooth insignia both within them and on the box.  

Dartwood 2K QHD USB Webcam with Built-in Microphone

    There are few reviews about this product across the web - Target has the most, and the "company's" own site has none. Makes me think this is sold under various names. It was less expensive than the initial webcam I was looking at and easily returnable. Does the low price pay off?

Explore the Art World using APIs

I am pleased to offer you today 👇 The first Microsoft Learn module based on Museum APIs! 👩‍🎨 Enjoy. I'm THAT mom who will drag your rear to the museums and you'll LIKE it ☕️ — Jen Looper (@jenlooper) January 21, 2021     There's a lot of nonsense on my machine with "Your organization is controlling some settings." as of late.   What organization? Me ? I think it may be using the DNS settings I get from my ISP, but that shouldn't prevent me from connecting my phone to my laptop if I so chose to (I don't).