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How to Back Things Up Across Popular Platforms (and Blogger)

 With the Viacom removal of MTV News and Comedy Central clips dating back to the late 90s (and allegedly putting them on Paramount+, but who has that?), people are realizing "The internet is no longer fun, corporations run everything, and they are not interested in maintaining history." Sure it was possible for arts   So back up your stuff. Let's go. How To Back Up Your Blog on Blogger If you use Blogger, there's a general  landing page for your blog, with a list of posts both published and drafted, and a navigation bar on the side. Hit settings, then scroll down until you see this [right]. You can select 'Back up content', it's just not a clear hyperlink.  It will download a file to your computer. (You are reading from one of those, right? You do know how to download a file, right? You don't need to click this link to my video explaining it to you in less than a minute ?) How to Download Your Account Data on LinkedIn Click the photo of you / 'Me&