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The Classic Tetris World Championships Explained

Carry On My WPA PSK 2 Son

Today's issue, from my very own LinkedIn page; My Macbook won't connect to certain hotspots - Today, it's my mobile hotspot - with WPA PSK or WPA PSK 2 security settings.  WPA/WPA2 are from the year 2003. It's been around a while and has some issues. My Macbook is from the year 2013.  My initial thought as simply that my machine was too old and incompatible with the newer standard - This has happened before years ago, with the same security settings. The following is part of my normal network; As you can see, I have security in place that I usually can connect to easily. The reason there's no Transmit Rate is because we still don't have internet restored.  This is my Hotspot; I'm not familiar with WiFi country codes, but "X0" isn't pulling up anything when I search it. And here are the settings on my phone; This article says that since the WPA2 PSK key doesn't mention TKIP or AES, it's probably AES. Here

Server 2016: Role Tide (Or; Exporting Server Roles to A New Server)

You don’t want to “upgrade” a server. Everything’s got history, you, me, and technology, despite companies’ best attempts to even physically scrub encoded data off of machines. And maybe it’s not compatible with the older hardware. So, here’s role migration — Role onto a new server, with all the configuration of the old one.

How It Works: The Emoji Movie

The posters were just too obnoxious, I couldn't subject you good people and myself to that. This is nice though. From IMDB. I am going to refrain from pointing out things like “Why are some emojis available immediately but others aren’t? Do emoji die?” where I can. That’s not tech, that’s “Who did this, and why aren’t they in jail?” (And that’s sarcasm). In case you were wondering, yes, it does have the same issue of characters from one app going into others without any ill effects that Ralph Breaks the Internet had, but it’s a movie. You do what you have to.

Mountain View, We Have Liftoff! 🚀

You may have noticed that I am sporting a spiffy new domain name up there, thanks to Google Domains. The tricky part was learning about the CNAME, which I had never heard of. We know about Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) but not about the idea of an alias of another domain, which is what it is. But here we are!

Cupertino, We Have a Problem

I type this from a 2013 Macbook Air - and it took a lot of struggle today. There's a pretty big issue with it; Phantom keys. It took me about 20 minutes today to simply get into my machine because various keys think they're being pressed faster than I could input my password. It's been doing this for a while now. Starting with 'A' being unresponsive (Probably a disconnect between the electrical circuit) that grew to encouraging S and E to misbehave, and eventually random letters. One bad apple ruins the bunch indeed. "But don't you have Karabiner Elements installed? You were concerned about that with Mojave, and you said it worked." I do!...But it doesn't open and load until the user is loaded, so it does no good for me at the login screen. So why is this happening?

Quote Generator

When your weird hobby comes in handy; Click the button for quotes => GitHub Shout out to Ayyub Preston on LinkedIn for the above quote.