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Building, Breaking, and Building A CRM with Retool

 I like no- or low-code solutions to things. I've often wanted to simply push a button or move some GUI around and have the code implement itself.  I've thought about building something that's like a CRM for keeping up with my network better than my little spreadsheet where I click links and then go like something. The general idea is: To have a GUI to add people to a CRM (NRM = Network Relationship Management? Let's stay with CRM).   I do believe this would have to be attached to a database (MySQL or something else). Make sure components are connected to each other in the retool interface. This video is a good start. Watching the tutorial video, heard some SQL commands and went 'Oh no 😳" before going "Wait I know basic SQL", which is good, because you'll see.  When you get set up, there's a plethora of resources you can use -- Including Google Sheets! And Slack ,Datadog, Jira, Amazon S3, and many, many more. I go with Google Sheets initiall