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WiFi 6 Demo

"Here's the old school, 802.11ac" Amazing, how in 2013, that was the newest thing Apple had installed on the Macbook Air version for the year. Interested (& wary, as always) of the wireless statistics from users available on the new APs. 

Carry On My WPA PSK 2 Son

Today's issue, from my very own LinkedIn page; My Macbook won't connect to certain hotspots - Today, it's my mobile hotspot - with WPA PSK or WPA PSK 2 security settings.  WPA/WPA2 are from the year 2003. It's been around a while and has some issues. My Macbook is from the year 2013.  My initial thought as simply that my machine was too old and incompatible with the newer standard - This has happened before years ago, with the same security settings. The following is part of my normal network; As you can see, I have security in place that I usually can connect to easily. The reason there's no Transmit Rate is because we still don't have internet restored.  This is my Hotspot; I'm not familiar with WiFi country codes, but "X0" isn't pulling up anything when I search it. And here are the settings on my phone; This article says that since the WPA2 PSK key doesn't mention TKIP or AES, it's probably AES. Here

Spot Hop + The High Sierra Network Utilities

With OnStar, you have the capability to have internet service! Unlimited for 20$, it's how I've been doing business since this disaster for awhile. Here are some stats from the middle of the wreckage town using OnStar;

WiFi Overview 360

This is a screenshot of some local WiFi networks (17 in total - Somehow Direct TV is its own antenna with connectivity), courtesy of WiFi Overview 360 (No promo).

My Phone, the Would-Be Wifi Extender

This is my Galaxy S5; For the curious, the wallpaper is Splatoon 2 Promo Art. Today, we are going to try using this as a Wifi Extender.