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Azure Networking Options - Core Cloud Services

I have done a lot of AWS things on here. Time to give Azure some attention. After all, since employers don't think Cisco or COMPTIA certifications are important, maybe Microsoft ones are? First, let's really think about why these are the two biggest cloud services providers in the world: They've been doing internet things for a long time. Amazon launched in 1995 , a virtual bookstore. Microsoft, well, you know.  They've lived, breathed, and frankly, created, infrastructure that we use today, that they're selling to us today. Of course the Store of Everything and the Company of Everything would encourage us to put everything in their hands. Also: Azure has a lot less silly names for modules. Important. I appreciate straightforwardness. I said 'a lot less', not '100% sensible names' Microsoft has a clear set of Azure Fundamentals that anyone can interact with. Let's talk about networking basics, basically to say, again, &quo

Route This Way: OSPF

  Something I very recently learned is that routing protocols are learned on Control Planes. Also, welcome to possibly the last post of 2019. I need a break too!  There's plenty more coming in 2020. Meanwhile, visit and follow the new LinkedIn Company Page , if you please.

We have a LinkedIn page now! Give me a follow on the official RUN TCP/IP / Lucas Network Solutions page. Gonna post about one a week, not here to overload you.

Route This Way: (E)IGRP

IGRP information is...scant. It's made by Cisco, and they have since moved on to EIGRP. EIGRP talks to its neighbors it knows via the neighbor table. Neighbors are directly connected. The topology table stores routes it learns from its directly connected neighbors  Hellos are sent every few seconds (Depending on Network capability) to make sure the neighbor is still there. A hold time is around 15 seconds. The router will drop the connection if the neighbor doesn't respond. Routers get updates via multicast address

Apple Troubleshooting: The Second Part

A few ways to solve common problems: src "Can't reach the internet, and I'm the only one!" First, I like asking the user to ping - but it's a bit different on Mac, more on that in a bit. In Windows, we could ipconfig /renew to give up our IP address and get a new one, which might work, or reset the TCP/IP stack to reestablish connectivity. In the vein of "You don't have to touch that icky terminal! (Unless you're using Python)" spirit of Apple, we can do it via the GUI.

Route This Way: Introduction To Routing Protocols + RIP

Less 'introduction' and more "Well, I paid and studied to take the CCNA, so I'm going to put this information to use somehow." Also, apparently network administrators feel very strongly about their routing protocol of choice, and will fight people over it. Lol. Someone just created a new Twitter account to criticize my view on BGP. Classy! That’s a quick block. — Daniel Dib (@danieldibswe) November 18, 2019 To be clear, I'm 🤔 at the person who went through all that effort to make an account to do this. I have that kind of time as well, but I'm not doing that, I'm doing this. So, what is a Routing Protocol? Graphic Design in My Passion