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IRC through mIRC

Story time: I had heard about IRChat in a podcast  (NSFW) at first.  I had no idea until now it was a real thing that not only existed, but still exists.  This is the kind of late 90's "Hackers"-esque mysticism that surrounds tech I love.
IRC is an application based protocol that uses a client/server model to chat over text. They're not necessarily forums, as the functionality is bare-bones 'type words'. Also, little ASCII people like thisヾ(•ω•`)o

Contactless Tech’s Role in the New Guest Experience ft. Intelity and The George

Contactless hospitality technology is clearly growing. You want to get away, and you'll be damned if a little thing like a deadly virus will stop you!But you still don't want to touch things. Ew.During the chat between INTELITY CEO Robert Stevenson and THE GEORGE Director of Operations Kerrie Hunter, you’ll learn how the historic boutique hotel has adapted a mobile-first guest experience in the wake of COVID-19—and how they see contactless technology affecting the future of hospitality.I don't remember how I found INTELITY (probably hoping to score a position with them), but I liked them enough to stay on the e-mail lists.

Making a Tourism Slideshow With HTML/CSS/JS (Ft. TraversyMedia)

Video for reference here.
I'm one to encourage good rest over constant work. Yet I found myself awake at 2 AM listening to this video by TraversyMedia, because I was suddenly curious about making a full page image carousel.I wanted to listen before I put hand to keyboard in coding, so at around 3 AM, I pulled up my machine with an idea.
I followed the instructions and did most of the code myself. Here, I outline:The changes in my code from the original.The demo mockup (Here)The changes in the new Tourism: Welcome to Babylos! .The images may take a moment to load at first.
The original video code says .buttons button#next
.buttons button#prev
But the code didn't work! The buttons were still as follows:

I Was Part of a Study for a Major Streaming Service

It is my dream to have a 'working relationship' with companies and tell them "This is great, I especially like x,y, and z." or "Err on the side of caution when doing this - It could be misinterpreted." 
So when a certain company said "Do that, for us, for a few days." I said "Happy to help."
"And we'll pay you!"
"Even happier to help!"
I will not give specifics on information gathered and shared beyond "habits", as I signed a contract.
And when I sign a contract, I consider this contract work. So I will absolutely drop in conversation, "Hey, I consulted for ... someone I can't say... for 🌟10 Days🌟!"

This is about my experience - And I'm happy to say it was pleasant.

The project-runners were clearly people who valued our insight.

Here's a story about them that has nothing to do with the study, but this post should be a little longer.

Business Bonus: The Commercialization of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hellmann's Canada is helping to stop hunger IRL by taking it virtual; #HellmannsIsland has come to #ACNH to help turn virtual food waste into real meals. For each spoiled turnip you drop off on our 5-star island, we’ll donate a meal to @SecondHarvestCA to feed people in need. DM us with #HellmannsIsland for your dodo code. Limited spots available.— Hellmann's Canada (@HellmannsCanada) August 17, 2020On forums, talk quickly turned to; "Why not just donate?"

[Webinar] Security Awareness - Where Have We Gone Wrong?

What does it take for people to enjoy their online, digital experience without getting scammed?Hosted by Wizer's Chris Roberts, featuring Joanna Udo, Gabriel Friedlander, Ryan Cloutier, & Christopher Sant.*Security is daunting; Even I think so, and I work here. How do we get influencers to care, chefs, marketing professionals, anyone who isn't us? How can we make cybersecurity accessible and not daunting, because it affects everybody?
Let's hit on the big points (the giant headers, and the quotes from the panel follow. Quotes are slightly paraphrased. I'm working on the journalistic integrity to keep it short while not bastardizing the answer.)

Disability in UX, Hosted by Twitter

With moderation by Theresa Mershon, Director of Design Systems, learn why accessibility and intersectionality are essential for designers and how the industry could use a lesson. We'll be hosting four external guests across the UX spectrum to share their thoughts and experiences.

Also, sign translation by Kevin L. Mogg and Susie Kahl.

Here's a bit about me; I use captions everywhere I can.