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LinkedIn's Web Redesign Is..."Modern" (Nov. 2020)

I'm not here to take a dump on the hard working web designers who brought their ideas to life because there are good things, and things that need just a smidgen of improvement. One day in November 2020, I opened my LinkedIn to see this:

The 174 Movies of Morgan (Ft. Letterboxd and Tableau)

  Letterboxd is a personal database to keep track of what movies you've watched, want to watch, and their ratings 🎥 Now, we're looking at my own data. Everything goes from 2016 - 2020, even though some movies are dated for the years they were released. I am keeping the date watched and the year released in the data. I've hidden the Letterboxd URLs to the specific movie pages - It's not necessary - and my own username is not shown. Spoiler alert: There are movies that are highly acclaimed that...I do not like! Feel free to link to this post and go "How does she like ' Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets ' more than ' Up '?" Check out the public charts here on Tableau Public, and follow along!

Books and Tech: "Evil Genius" by Catherine Jinks

 I read this in high school and randomly remembered it today. It's a book that made me want to be involved with network infrastructure.                                                               This is the Australian cover. Doesn't it look cool?  It's very well-researched (though some of the concepts it touches on seem to have died in real life). Also, terminology kind of marches on - "computer phones" is something constantly said. Searching that in 2020...You get smartphones and various 'use your PC as a phone' links from CNET.   I won't be breaking down every section of the entire book.   "They sent in sniffing programs to intercept his access code."    

Good and Gather(ing Data to use in Tableau)

 None of this is promotional. I am not paid by Target to do this. Boy, I wish I were. Someone let them know!    I really love to cook. It's fun to find unrelated ingredients and make something out of them that's palatable (mostly). This came to me while driving home from Target after buying a lot of stuff from Good and Gather, the in-house grocery brand that replaced Market Pantry. With its sleek and minimalist design packaging, it's easy to spot on a busy shelf. This is not the first time I've bought G&G items, but it is the first time I thought "What makes me go to this brand?" Often times, the G&G item is less expensive by a few cents. Target's brand (at least on the food front) have built enough goodwill with me  for me to take the chance. Not every item is a winner - some I still prefer a different, more established brand. Some food items are so ordinary, there's no point in reviewing it. A baby carrot is a baby carrot, G&G ones come

Webinar: Intro To Data Analytics: Tableau Basics

All data science is asking a question.  I've been playing in Tableau for the past month, and needed to stick something on my blog to point to on my resume. So, this webinar, hosted by Mark B at Thinkful Webinars, arrived at the right time. He gave people ample time to follow the instructions. Data Analytics - "We have all these numbers and words, what patterns in the data can we find to make money?"   There was also a case study with Chipotle - A lot of their data was scattered, and communication was poor. (Also, people were getting sick. Remember that?) With Tableau, insights were easily shared with more accessible dashboards., saving them 10,000 hours a month.  Here are some of the visual options I learned about; Because That's what Tableau is about - How to display information.

How Zoom Works - Event Setup; Happy Birthday!

   When being the Master of Ceremonies and IT Support merge. I always liked event planning, so this was a lot of fun. It was a client's 60th birthday, and they hired me to set up a party, send invitations (I made a webpage and sent the link out), and monitor the event. Here's a short list of what I did. Backups: Multiple backups of portable power banks and mobile hotspots in case weather knocked out power. Power strip installed to prevent blowouts of laptop and Alexa.   Setup:  Tested lighting, distance, camera location in 3 different locations.  Considered location of Wi-Fi extender and ISP router to decide which AP to use.   Meeting: Password protected Zoom meeting. Letting people into the room from waiting rooms. Adjusting the views. Sent out a self-made video educating how to log onto the Zoom meeting. Had a notification ready incase of inclement weather: "Hi there! Thanks for joining us today. If we disconnect, you may be kicked out of the room. Please give us a few

How to Make an Alexa Skill

 This is a blurb of a post - I played around in the environment for a bit and didn't complete it. Sometimes, projects just go unfinished. It's not my greatest ambition in life to make an Alexa skill. The instructions are a bit out of date, I had to create a new role from policy templates, which took me to several other screens. You have to make about 2 separate accounts - One main AWS one, and one Amazon Developer one.  "earnings"? Something to consider... 'You can provision your own back-end resources or you can have Alexa host them for you.' I suppose I could actually use the Azure equivalent of Lambda if I wanted to. My favorite part so far has been thinking of the invocation words - You can't use a handful of them. I want to make Alexa going 'Hello, World' to make sense in context. I almost put in 'Bye world' but that sounds very morbid. I'm guessing this Utterance Profiler does this: "What word could you say to make this work?