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CEScapades: Consumer Electronics Show 2020

Just like last year, I wasn't there. But it was certainly fun to see the variety of technology on show through the great reporting done by a variety of people (CNET, TechRepublic, Verge, BizJournal, ZDNet, even Variety). Power to The Players with Sony's Playstation 5 : 20 Years ago, the PS2 was released worldwide. Now, Sony is back at it again. The PS5 is scheduled for Holiday 2020, with an SSD and 3D audio. And, a logo. Fly Me to The 9 to 5: Flying Cars from Hyundai for ...Uber ! Will you need a new license to drive a flying car? The concept looks more like a plane with a lot of propellers than any kind of flying car you can imagine. Hyundai are calling them "electric vertical takeoff and landing" aircraft. Uber will start testing in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023, because maybe there will be less smog in LA then.