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ipaddress Module in Python

Article Helpful for quickly seeing the broadcast address, number of hosts, if an IP address is link-local or not. I wonder how this can work with SDN. You do have to import it to your version of Python. #of hosts in a range. I wanted to see if it knew to move onto the next octet when over the 255 limit; It's all outlaid in the linked article, not much for me to explain. Just a neat tool I wanted to share (and bookmark). Because, in the real world, your employer doesn't care how you subnet, just that you do.

7 Suggestions To Improve the Job Seeker Experience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. [...] it is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. - Wikipedia LinkedIn seems to have gotten a little left behind in the always-connected, faux-intimate world of social media - as well as missing potentially helpful options for the job seeker.  Here's 7 potential ways it can improve.

Solarwinds' ipMonitor Evaluation

I was not sponsored by SolarWinds to look at this. I received the e-mail and went 'Hey, a free tool!'. You can skip the email and go right over here ! Remember - Your domain (if you're a single person using this) is more than likely COMPUTERNAME\LoginName . It's how you log in on the (local) web portal. Scan your network within an IP range. If you leave the settings as they are, chances are you're scanning for about 75k IP addresses - and SolarWinds will let you know! Welcome to the dashboard: (I can show you the IP addresses because they're local to my network and not public for internet consumption!) There's a very early 2000s feel which I kind of adore. Scanning the network did not put my phone 'on the map'. I put in my phone's IP address to see if it could be found. They're on the same network. This nifty screen popped up with how I can monitor myself! I removed the Active Directory option. (Remember, thi

No School Like The #NewTMobile; Communications New-Giant Pushing 5G Out December 6th

What a difference 6 months makes. T-Mobile announced today, under the hashtag # NewTMobile several things - Low Prices 5G Nationwide And all on December 6th They did all this with a livestream featuring John Legere. T-Mobile is pushing a narrative about this being for the greater good, in order to sooth the 5 of us who were concerned about the ( approved by the FCC) merger between T-Mobile and Sprint.  There are services they mention that lean toward that - Free Unlimited Data Plans for First Responders  Lower pricing. Free Internet for low-income families affected by the Homework Gap - When students can't do online homework because they simply have no internet service. (And that's why municipal broadband needs to be a thing nationwide) A hashtag - #5GForGood So, how does 5G work? Let me explain how 5G works. In order to have lightning fast speeds AND dependable broad coverage, you need all 3 spectrum bands. Combining @TMobile 's 600 MHz an

Search and Infiltrate: How to Deeply Investigate a Company's People , Updated for 2023

Latest Update - 6/4/2020 This is a bit of an impromptu post after reading this article. I had a small thread about this on Twitter, a blog post is a lot better to get the information out in a clear way. Have you ever used , came across a group of people who match Your Dream Company, Dream Location, and do your Dream Job on LinkedIn...and they're not active? What was the POINT, am I right?  A place for professionals to network, but they're not active ...because they have a job to do! You want to be like that! Unfortunately, in this day and age, unless you have a 'relationship' with someone, they're not going to help you.   Hm.  (Note: 'relationship' is different than relationship ). I'm not here to talk bad about recruiters - They have a difficult job, I know I couldn't do it! - And even they want a relationship before they place you somewhere, competency be damned. What do you do instead? This: (Note; I&