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Wireless Diagnostics on Mac OS; Packet Sniffing on a WLAN

There's a post sitting in my drafts about Wireshark and how to sniff packets out of the air that was going to be about sniffing for authentication packets for Wi-Fi hotspots that aren't broadcasting SSID (Which you shouldn't do apparently! It's still not safe). I was watching this video to find a little more information about how to properly use Monitoring mode on my Macbook to sniff for WLAN packets on the network. So when he said "Just open up Wireless Diagnostics and sniff your network (check your width and channel)." It was shocking to me.

The T and G - T-Mobile Launching 5G, of course it's rather limited [The Verge]

As I read this article , the power is out. It's been flicking on and off for a few days now as construction is going on in the neighborhood. I'm using T-Mobile's Hotspot Feature yet again. And if I were in a city that mattered, such as LA, NYC, Vegas, and ones that matter slightly less but still matter more than where I am - Dallas, Cleveland - and had a Samsung Galaxy S10, I'd be cruising along on 5G. Curiously, they're not testing in Chicago, as Verizon already has that covered . mmWave Spectrum has even more limited of a range, so if I were in Hell's Kitchen in NYC, sipping a cappuccino from a local coffee shop, then I could be cruising along on 5G. There's one big caveat on having the Galaxy S10, however, and you can read about that at the source. EMPLOYERS : This is me keeping up with changing technologies.

CCNA Recap: IPv6

IPv6 Router Solicitation * FF02::2 IPv6 uses an Extension Header. A Router Solicitation w/ IPv6 looks like FF02::2 Valid IPv6 Addresses

[UPDATE] Web Development: Online Resume-Portfolio 1.0

Web 2.0 is Back With A Vengeance.; GitHub I made this, and it's really only the first iteration. UPDATE : You can see the live site here !

Learn Statistics With Python

I can program in Python, though it doesn't feel as easy to me as JavaScript. SD-WAN is great and indicative of the future. When I found that we could use Python in Statistics - The only math class I genuinely enjoyed - I was over the moon. We start with the basics; mean, median, mode. Then Variance. Histograms. Quar and Quantiles. There's not much for me to put on display here, but to say that I took the course, completed it entirely, enjoyed it, am learning more, and have something to put on a resume. EMPLOYERS : This is me learning a new skill. One class in college I really enjoyed was Statistics. The other was Theater.

Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

EMPLOYERS : This is me being grateful I have an older Mac, so I can have OSX experience without spending a lot of money for a broken product.

CCNA Recap: Wide Area Networks

(More like CCENT Recap) point to point * can be physical * can be logical * typically layer 2 * connect lans to service providers hub and spoke spoke      |      |      | hub ———— spoke   |   |   | spoke