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The Light Thing: GE LED+ Color Changing Light Bulbs

I have always wanted smart lighting, but didn't want to essentially have a hackable hub with minimal controls regarding security (It has to have improved since 2018 , right? Right? ). So, seeing these lightbulbs that did not require a hub setup, an app, and only cost 5$ (On clearance, I got mine at my local Target, originally the GE LED+ Color Changing Light Bulbs are about 17$-25$!), it would have been stupid to leave them behind. This is not an affiliate link, you can find them here . The subjects for these will be a variety of dolls in colors ranging from almost pitch black to stark white and things in between to really show off the color scope. Set-Up: Screw the lightbulb in a port. The remote already has batteries, and you take out that plastic bit. That's it! The remote is flimsy. With stronger remotes, you can point at a wall and the waves still manage to be read by the technology, but I'm not a wave scientist.  Despite that, with 16 colors, 4 lighting strengths, wa

Book: Practical Packet Analysis by Chris Sanders

 This is From The Drafts , when I have nothing in the queue as I am working on gaining roles and contracts. Dated 9/2019. Amazon / Publisher Site Going a little further from the Wireshark course I've never heard of Enterasys and Nortel switches before reading this. Usually Juniper, Palo Alto and, of course, Cisco. He mentioned taps, and showed a picture of a box with places for cables on the sides...I was thinking about needles breaking through the soft outer layer and conical things connected to small boxes. Those are the kinds I'm used to seeing, so an actual box was pretty interesting. It's the only way you could take the data of a glass-coated Fiber line anyway. Did you know you can sort out the % of protocols that show up in a packet capture? You can, with Protocol Hierarchy Statistics.  There's an Expert Information section of file captures; For your everyday life.