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What Do You Need? [List of Offered Services]

2023 Version is here, at this handy Notion Page.

I'm the Admin, she's the Critic (Ft. Myself)

I thought long and hard about letting more people know about my media review blog. What if employers don't like it? What if it costs me a position? Then I realized; It's not much more outlandish than what I say on LinkedIn clearly, under my own name. Maybe the truth, or, my version of it, will be more palatable next to a movie poster of a cartoon animal. If you're a sensitive sort, there are a few swears here or there. You'll notice that there aren't any on this blog, employers. I can keep it professional if need be. What if people enjoy it? Even privately. That's fine. What if it gets me a position I enjoy? I've been hearing nothing but no's for 3 years now keeping this thing under wraps anyway. So, welcome to Screendom Come . There's still tidying and editing going on for some of the older works, but feel free to read (& share with people at the major studios, Variety, Atom Tickets, THR, all of that). I'll still be pos

Defining My Core Strengths

From If you are an investment, what sort of return can the employer expect? Let's save this for later.

A User's Guide to Working With Morgan Lucas

UPDATED: 1/3/2020 Happy Friday! Eurovision 2019 finals are tomorrow! I came across a handy template from  this  Muse article - How do your employees view gratitude and appreciation at work? Let's fill it out! For me, I mean. You can fill out yours. Why are you writing this user guide? What do you hope will be the result of writing and sharing it? To better understand what I like, and what environment I can fit best into. Preferably an enviroment like thus: The greatest job ad I ever read basically said "this is our workplace, we have lives outside of it, everyone here is nice but we're not into forced parties & office softball teams, if you want to just go home at the end of the day, cool, so do we." — dr. kittens not kids (@kittensnotkids) January 2, 2020 Basically: I'm here to do a job and be reasonably polite. Not best friends, not spend time after work with you. That's why I favor remote work. I am not concerned about missing

Where Do I Want To Go?

The many, many people offering advice all normally say the same thing; Where do you want to go? Anywhere but here. What companies or industries do you want to work for? Those listed in this post. What do you want to do with your skills? Can you believe it, they are also listed in this post! I just thought about talking about it. I'm not here to make 100k a year, that comes with too much responsibility, and my mental well-being is not worth sacrificing for your profit. Simply put, here are three industries I would like to work in.