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Neptune by Hashnode

 It's a blogging platform -- As you know (Well, as you know now ), I have been looking for places to export all of this to another platform, one with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and modern editing capabilities that is actually maintained by its owners. Check it out here on Product Hunt . You use Markdown to write; As someone who is used to the highlighter and change stylistic appearances way of things, it's a bit of a change. I'm not sure I've used markdown more than 4 or 5 times in my career -- 8 times in my life. Grammarly is built in; Technically, they're right. Similarly to Notion, we can type "/" for commands to appear. I can't format text the way I like to. The image may not show up on the final product as I used the hyperlink of the image hosted here. Ideally, this text 'new and SEO improved!' would be directly under the image and smaller, as a caption. Notion can do that.  One thing Notion cannot do that Neptune can (or will be abl

Using AWS Data Migration Service

 Want to share this easily? Check out the Notion page. By Morgan Lucas (she/her) from this video by Johnny Chivers We use data migration services to, well, migrate data. But why would we want to do this?  Perhaps... We're moving our business to the cloud, and need to shift all of that cold storage we have onsite. We want to use it as a backup in cause our infrastructure is out of commission. We could have information to share with a 3rd party, and instead of giving access to on-site databases, we put it on AWS to share. Nevertheless, let's recap what I've done. Created publicly accessible, password-protected database with Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility to migrate to Amazon Dynamo DB Managed inbound rules of security group to limit access Used open source software HeidiDB to interact with database via a TCP/IP session and specific URL for DB (Not shown here for security)     Connected to Aurora PostgreSQL Database ran queries that deleted and created tables p