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Using a Script to Send Batch Emails in Gmail

 I touch base with people once a month, and it's about 20 people, and I need to automate sending the messages. I write the messages myself, don't worry, this entire thing isn't automated, what am I?  If that is you, and you are reading this - Hello! You were part of a successful experiment!  You could use this to, well, send messages en masse. I only added people who have opened a dialogue with me, not random people I find on the internet. Use discretion. I wanted to create an automated script to mass send it, so I used both Bing CoPilot and ChatGPT and started with the same prompt to see if it could create it;     [alt:  Write a Gmail script that inserts formatted text to each selected email in my inbox.  It should be able to accept hyperlinks  You should prompt me for the text once each time I run it.  It should not send the email.  ]     Copilot gave me a script, and then followed up with apparently creating a Google Developers Account to make apps that work in the Googl

Building a Roblox Game

   I play video games, like Hiberworld , but I have never played Roblox. Besides the fact that it's exploiting kids to make games for them and giving them a minuscule amount of money and had an outage that they wrote a very good post-mortem for. Apparently, it was in beta in 2004, when I was 12, and fully released 2 years later. Theoretically, there are people my age who probably have been playing this game for 15 years . That's amazing! I play Splatoon, Fortnite, quite a few remakes of older games (Let's be honest, Sonic Mania was a remake). What new games should I be playing? I don't like taking risks on things that are 60$ (or broken upon release, hello Pokemon Gen 9. Which is such a pity, because Gen 9 looks like the best Pokemon story since Gen 2! But it's broken! But I digress.). I played Zelda for the first time at 30 with Breath of the Wild. I used this guide: Really straightforward and personable fellow. Roblox uses Lua in conjunction with a drag and drop