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Actionable Results: How to Find a Phone

The Time When I circumvented Google's "Find my Device" to find my father's lost Pixel 3. SITUATION : My father lost his phone. I've been meaning for ages to set it up so he can use Google to call it and not me for 15 minutes. The situation lasted longer than 15 minutes, bordering on nearly 3 hours. TASK: Find it. Look around, check cars and pockets. ACTION : First, let's assume that you've attached your Android phone to your Google account. If you simply Google "Find my phone android", you may be taken here . When it asks for a password to make sure you are who you are, and you don't remember...well, things get a bit trickier. Next, we resorted to more calling. The phone did immediately go to voicemail at first, and then it rang. No one answered. "Well, if it can happen to him, it can happen to me," I thought. So I Bing'd to double check where I could do so at, finding this article....which had a link to he

Sending E-Mail Through Command Line With Python

From "Automate The Boring Stuff With Python", here , and the matching course on Wireshark. Going through the course, I saw 'Email' as an option, and was immediately excited to see how we can send automated emails with Python sans using a fancy SaaS with sparkling GUI.  I'm not going to copy the article listed above verbatim, but talk about things that are new to me.  One of the commands is type([]), which shows us the kind ('type') of argument.  You can put in three things and it makes a new type object; type(brachius, 53, phelonious)  Since this is port 587, we need TLS (Transport Layer Security, symmetric key!) encryption;  I wonder what the b'2.0.0 means. Otherwise, the server is ready. In an era where 2-Factor Authentication is all the rage (For good reason), how will logging into an email account via the command line work with that? I'm getting a 'Bad Credentials' Error message - is it just me? Maybe,

Become a Wireless Terminator With Amazon Alexa Wearables

CNET Articles: Glasses , Ring , Earbuds I wanted to post something before I go to GHC 19 next week (They offered me a ticket!), and luckily, Amazon has come through, in yet another bid to get Alexa inside my home. Re: Echo Frames ; You can also swipe the side of the glasses to get more information, set reminders and use smart home gear while on the go.  They must mean the side of the frames. I wear glasses, and the idea of swiping the side of a lens to do anything makes my soul leave my body. It seems a handier option; Not a fun or engaging one like the missing in ordinary action Google Glass. Talk To The Hand with Echo Loop - It's a ring with a button that you press and talk to Alexa. It buzzes if you have a notification and can partner with Amazon Sidewalk, so you can control your home outside your home. It's like a smartwatch but with no screen. Imagine losing it and someone has control to your smart devices. From a collaboration with Bose comes Echo Buds

Goodnight, Sweet Prince: MoviePass Finally Dies

MoviePass Shuts Down, With Parent Company Citing Failure to Raise Funds — Variety (@Variety) September 13, 2019 MoviePass, the business by Helios and Matheson that would be our film savior after slashing its initial price from nearly 50$ for Unlimited Movies to a mere 9.99$. Alas, the dream has died. The change drew a flood of new customers - and left competitors scrambling for ways to implement their own movie subscription service. As of this writing, AMC Stubs is a runaway success, and Regal Unlimited is still in its infancy. I have neither, as both plans arrived after our theaters were shuttered from Hurricane Michael. The AMC will not reopen, with no word on the Regal. The app, from secondhand reports, seemed glitchy, with poor location-realizing services. Despite this, Studio Movie Grill did team up with the service to implement food ordering from the app. Less than a month ago, MoviePass had a data breach of unencrypted customer card numbe

Apple Stuff in September 2019

So, Apple had an event yesterday . I watched some of it.  Though I don't think they mentioned violating Chinese worker laws at this event.   Midnight Green? I dig it.                                                       Courtesy of Apple Lower prices

How It Works: The Episode of "Arthur" Where They Got On The Internet

While Wireshark is quite a lot of fun, we need something a little lighter around here. Like the popular children's show "Arthur", which was still going when I wrote this in 2019. But we're not looking at a new episode, we're looking at an old one - "Muffy and The Big Bad Blog". Hint: Many episodes are available on Youtube in good quality.   Hey, Kewwwwwwl!  This is an exercise in wondering how things work, with no offense to the people involved in the show.