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California enacts strongest net neutrality protections in the country [L.A Times]

...and the current administration doesn't like that. California is one of more than 25 states to consider net neutrality protections since the FCC voted late last year to reverse the Obama-era internet regulations. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed by President Trump, and Republicans have called for an end to the utility-like oversight of internet service providers. This has a very "Oh, we don't want everyone to have the possibility to access everything...might make the populace too educated ." vibe to it, considering removing Net Neutrality would have ISPs throttling or boosting speed based on their own whims - or how much Netflix or Facebook are willing to pay. As someone very interested in turning broadband internet into a utility...bah.  Make it like health care in developed countries - Basic for everyone, but if you want something better, you can pay for it.

My Phone, the Would-Be Wifi Extender

This is my Galaxy S5; For the curious, the wallpaper is Splatoon 2 Promo Art. Today, we are going to try using this as a Wifi Extender.

My Phone, The File Server

I'm cleaning out my room. There's so much stuff that could make other people happier than it makes me. If anyone is interested in a variety of things, from fancy knapsacks to Tsum Tsums to dolls, let me know. But that's not why we're here - We're here because I found my old Moto X phone. I'm not sure why I stopped using it, but I know I replaced it with the Galaxy S5 in 2014, and eventually my mother's hand-me-down LG Stylo until I dropped it and shattered the screen. And receiving my own LG Stylo 2 this February. If I knew I still had my Moto, I wouldn't have paid money for an upgrade (Assuming it still works on T-Mobile's networks. It should). So I found the article - What To Do With an Old Smartphone - And besides some usual suggestions - one stood out. Make Your Phone into a File Server.  I picked the app FTP Server - It opens the appropriate ports on the phone and grants file access. Of course, you could probably do i

Server 2016: Networking Your Virtual Machine (Text)

We're going to get started with how the VM interacts with the host in various forms. Today's Glossary Guarded Fabric protect a VM from a compromised host. Nesting is a Hyper-V inside of a Hyper-V Virtual Machine TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Chip stores authentication artifacts (See Secure Boot and UEFI) Secure Boot stops authorized code from running (See UEFI) UEFI (Finally) - Unified Extensible Firmware (S2016 uses 2.3.1 Errata C) - digitally signed and validated bootloader bootmgfw.efi

Server 2016: Your Network And You

In the Network Connections wndow, if you hit ALT, you open up some old school menus. Hit Advanced, then Advanced Settings to see ao see a list of providers. Would you like your network to be more prominently used, or the Remote Desktop option? (This used to show prioritizing protocols, obsolete now, removed in 2012 edition) You can also check the priority of Network Settings in the command line (CMD), with netstat -rn .

It's An Ubuntu Server! To The Cloud

We haven't forgotten about you, Ubuntu. I need some help with this one, folks; Sync with client apps and generate and share links. LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), configure a database manually. Cool, but how about we just use the snap packaging system.

Server 2016: Multi Interfaces Per NIC (Short); Docker For Windows Server (Longer)

Adding more than one IP address to an interface, just incase said interface is being woefully underused. This is a good way to use avaliable resources. The primary interface is Ethernet, with an Index of 2. There's no need to set the gateway, as these are all in the same subnet. There's also no Windows-Imposed limit. Your only limit is your imagination (and hardware). Although I can add IP addresses, they want me to set up the Server properly before I can finangle with NIC teaming. There are two starter users; Rosanta Galamad and Juke Morrow. The latter is an Administrator. The folder added is a gussied-up test folder. Meanwhile, I pop ahead in the textbook (MSCA 70-740 Cert Guide) to see - A Docker chapter! We can do that! (If we get the internet working properly in the server - What happened?) But we can install it on our host machine. Why not?

Server 2016: Oddly Miscellaneous Setup Activity

Following this LinkedIn Learning Video (And a book) - Welcome! Had to adjust the Memory, even though the recommended is 12GB, I could only manage about … 3. We’ll see what happens. Consider Server Tools if you attach another computer in the same domain name (For Win. 10) We set up, check some things - IP addresses, how the adapter works. Be mindful of your timezones. This was set to Pacific Time, when I’m in Central. We don’t want our Server to get an IP Address from DNS - It’s a resource, not a client. The author’s IP information is different from mine, they’ve received theirs from somewhere else, I simply ran ipconfig in the Command Line. (Just in case we should reference, theirs is in the Initial Configuration video). Now, his DNS server (preferred) is in the same subnet as the ip address of his machine.