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Book: The Bootcamper's Guide to Web Accessibility by Lindsey Kopacz

    I make webpages, and I know they can stand to be improved on the accessibility front.  I know about alt text in images - and will use them more in the future. I need to integrate them more into my development flow - It's 2021. There's no excuse. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. But what else am I missing that makes the web more difficult for others - and how can I improve? I was generously gifted this book by marktechson on Twitter - Thank you 👋🏾! I revisited the book several times - It's a lot of information I'm not familiar with, and wouldn't feel okay with recapping, especially as you can buy the book over here .

Configuring in the JunOS CLI (Standalone vMX)

Happy 2021! A lot of the information came from this video by Network Direction, full disclaimer. It also showed me how to use these virtual labs. Usually I just showed up, clicked random buttons, and moved onto local .iso because I knew how to get those started. Use Juniper vLabs for an online lab space to work in. Let the setup commence, click the arrow, then SSH!