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The Webpage: Zero Grocery

 I have always liked the idea of a grocer where I can get a small amount of what I need to try a recipe. I don't need 4lbs of sugar for 12 cookies. Some places used to operate like that, buying things in "Stick it in your bag amounts and we'll weigh it." (RIP, Lucky's Market).  Zero Grocery is the next best thing, offering delivery of food, spices, and underground culinary treats to your (California only) doorstep in reusable containers.      You may be thinking that in the times of COVID, people would be hesitant about reusing glass jars strangers have stuck their fingers in. Not so ; [CEO, Zuleyka] Strasner says that customers haven’t been squeamish about reusable packaging during the pandemic. You don't need an account or subscription to browse the goodies , though you will need a zip code in their delivery range to stick them in the basket.  Come with me as I step through my first impressions of the site here - There's a lot to like. This is not a spo

Imagining the Possible: Ft. Netflix's "Jingle Jangle"

 "Never be afraid if people don't see what you see. Only be afraid when you no longer see it." Join Black Girls CODE and Netflix for a virtual conversation with the filmmakers of Netflix's Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey on how visual effects brought the magic of the movie to life.  We will be joined by filmmakers David & Lyn Talbert and VFX supervisor Brad Parker.   Moderated by BGC's Community & Events Manager Isis Miller. We will be taking questions from our students and audience so be sure to check out the film!   

Looking at: "Coded Bias"

   A film by Shalini Kantayya. Join our free two-week screening of the trailblazing film Coded Bias that sheds light on the threats artificial intelligence poses to civil rights and democracy  Considering how Google abruptly fired Dr. Timnit Gebru , one of the leaders in the Ethical AI field, this is very timely. Also, very cool, she's in this documentary as well! As of this writing, you still have a few days to watch "Coded Bias" for free over here . 

Portfolio of UX/Product Feedback ✨[Vol. 2]

Most People Give Up See an error on a page? They leave the page.  They don't click through. They don't buy. You don't get a customer.  I go deeper. I let you know. I show you videos. I look at console logs. Your engineers are busy. They're working on the back-end. They're working with browsers without the most popular add-ons of the day. I give the real user experience so you can get the real value. I browse websites and apps while making note of things I find frustrating for end users.  The other post was getting too long, so I will cap out each entry at maybe 15-20 mistakes, to keep your attention. Contents: Instances where I offer constructive feedback on someone's website, logo, or app. Actions that were taken by the developers or artists.  I'm glad you want your webpages to be the best they can be with my help; If you need your sites audited, e-mail me . Updated ; June 24th, 2021. Most recent entries will be at the top.

December 2020

 December will be spent helping others, networking, establishing contacts - and generally touching up older (and some exclusive) posts to be posted on my Medium blog. It will be easier for you to follow, share, and support, and I appreciate every interaction. This blog will not be discontinued - In fact, I'm growing more than ever! Again, follow me on Medium here .

LinkedIn's Web Redesign Is..."Modern" (Nov. 2020)

I'm not here to take a dump on the hard working web designers who brought their ideas to life because there are good things, and things that need just a smidgen of improvement. One day in November 2020, I opened my LinkedIn to see this:

Using Tableau and Letterboxd To Manipulate Movie Data

  Letterboxd is a personal database to keep track of what movies you've watched, want to watch, and their ratings 🎥 Now, we're looking at my own data. Everything goes from 2016 - 2020, even though some movies are dated for the years they were released. I am keeping the date watched and the year released in the data. I've hidden the Letterboxd URLs to the specific movie pages - It's not necessary - and my own username is not shown. Spoiler alert: There are movies that are highly acclaimed that...I do not like! Feel free to link to this post and go "How does she like ' Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets ' more than ' Up '?" Check out the public charts here on Tableau Public, and follow along!