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Totally Terraform (Or, becoming *paid* a Terraform DevOps Cloud Engineer)

Hey, I have a per-small-project job - Contracted to build things in Terraform and push them to Azure.  80% of the time, it's pretty fun. I had to teach myself Terraform, but that's what this entire blog is about; Teaching myself things and hoping for work sometimes to make money. Anyway, what do I like about Terraform? A lot. Check out my live-post troubleshooting on a specific issue here .   Likes:   It clearly tells you what an error is! Troubleshooting was mostly such a breeze, and since I wasn't getting [too] annoyed, I could more easily learn where the mistakes where. For instance, the first line in the main code ('provider') - the 'azurerm' part is not a random name; provider " azurerm " It's an actual thing that connects to Azure.   You can make variables in a different file and use them in the main code. You will need 3 files - the main code, the variables file, and the place to establish the variables.   It doesn't tell you all t