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Get in CloudFormation; A Timeline learning IaC for AWS

 A big shoutout to Pluralsight for their free weekend, and James Millar for a great introductory course . For the longest time, I couldn't see how people found this easy, but this helped. (Why did we make up so many programming languages that only work based upon the correct formatting of spaces and tabs? Readability is important, but when you're just beginning, how I learn, I'm interested in 'it works' first and 'it's pretty' second). Anyway, let's see what I learned from CloudFormation. You can use a nifty GUI getup to drag and drop elements to create a JSON file;     It's not as easy at it seems, as I had to ask myself important questions:   What's the difference between a host and an instance? Minutia ; One's more expensive per hour.    This required me to make Mac Virtual Machines; A first. It seems to only be avaiable in the East Virginia region through EC2; No word on if it's the same in CloudFormation. If I have an EC2 Instanc