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Meet the Metaverse: Hiberworld (Featuring ReadyPlayerMe)

  Fun fact: This was initially about Roblox, but when I came across a survey about making a meta verse avatar, I decided to go the whole hog with it. I've always loved create your own avatar games. While the metaverse as a concept to the GP is already outdated, some interesting things were created before everyone decided machine learning via ChatGPT and its clones were the hot new ticket to claw our way out of Web 2.0 First, ReadyPlayerMe is a place to create a Metaverse avatar that you can import into the surprising amount of meta verse games out there. I hit the androgynous face type and couldn't change it again but you know what, I like it! Even if it's still somewhat masculine. These days, people seem to be very 1:1 about their virtual avatars. It's just them in a shirt and pants. The world is your oyster, make your virtual hair green and give yourself android lines on your body. Building a level is a lot more intuitive (and doesn't kill my CPU) than using Robl