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Fix Your Tumblr Page

  I was hired to fix up a tumblr website of Minorities in Publishing through a mutual friend, a podcast that focuses on the voices of the global majority. I like projects like this; You give voice to typically excluded people and find interesting books to read. So, what was the issue? 😬The old website was dated, with an impersonal, grey aesthetic, having last been updated circa 2012 or so. 😬 It wasn't optimized for smaller viewports. What is a viewport? When you adjust your browser window (on desktop or mobile) to be bigger or smaller. 😬 It couldn't be easily updated with new information; The old code was no longer maintained. While a lot of the feed functionality has been eliminated, I; πŸ“™ Fixed outdated side pages of links while providing a template that improved workflow , so they could easily update the pages. πŸ“˜ Improved navigation; Instead of linking to individual MP3s, I directed the 'Episodes' link to head to their libsyn library, so people can play the

Review: Logitech Marathon M705 - AKA, More (Computer) Mouse Madness

Yep, this is another mouse review, and about nine months. I have a tendency to move around a lot with my mind, and I end up dropping them a bit. So my Anker mouse can't really take a drop. The scroll wheel is busted to the point where I have to scroll multiple times to go down once - before it pops back up. But now, I have this; The Logitech Marathon M705; @runtcpip varies a little with other opersting systems but you're smart you can figure it out. #techhelp ♬ original sound - runtcpip I teach people simple computer stuff over on TikTok. When I plugged the USB dongle into my MacBook Pro, Apple immediately decided it was a keyboard for reasons unknown.  I specifically wanted a Mouse with a USB dongle, because I do not like having my Bluetooth on all the time. That is a vector for attack. Then again, everything is a vector for attack, but I just like having a dongle there because my Bluetooth is going to be off 97.54% of the time. My MacBook needs a Apple US