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Fix Your Tumblr Page


I was hired to fix up a tumblr website of Minorities in Publishing through a mutual friend, a podcast that focuses on the voices of the global majority. I like projects like this; You give voice to typically excluded people and find interesting books to read.

So, what was the issue?

😬The old website was dated, with an impersonal, grey aesthetic, having last been updated circa 2012 or so.
😬It wasn't optimized for smaller viewports. What is a viewport? When you adjust your browser window (on desktop or mobile) to be bigger or smaller.
😬 It couldn't be easily updated with new information; The old code was no longer maintained

While a lot of the feed functionality has been eliminated, I;

πŸ“™ Fixed outdated side pages of links while providing a template that improved workflow, so they could easily update the pages.
πŸ“˜ Improved navigation; Instead of linking to individual MP3s, I directed the 'Episodes' link to head to their libsyn library, so people can play them on their player of choice.
πŸ“— Brought the team up to speed on how modern Tumblr works with videos.
πŸ“’ Installed a new theme (There’s credit on the site to the original creator) and made a style guide, with hex codes for colors (and alternative options)

Check out the live Tumblr page here.

You can find the video comparing the previous and the current version here;

(It's a [soundless] video about the differences, helped by the WayBack Machine)


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