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Docker: A Whale of A Time

Docker is another container service like Kubernetes. There are probably more prominent differences, but for now, I see that there is a whale. Though we installed it through the GUI on Mac, we still use it through the good old command line / terminal. We generated that with docker run hello-world, and while at first it gave me an error, it soon found the image from the hub, put the image into a container, and put it onto the bash. Technology is amazing. Here's the tutorial! Let's look at 1.0 - 1.1

The Twelve Factor App

This is more relevant to the Developers out there, but our service-oriented mindset works too. Since we've finished our Kubernetes tutorial on the main site, Udacity also had one with videos. By the way, did you know that Google has a Cloud Platform and Shell? Here are Adam Wiggins' Twelve Factors .

WebTV Launch 1996

I mention this on occasion but this is the first video in a long time that actually describes this weird little getup I had as a kid. I miss the aesthetic.

Kubernetes: Are You Being Serviced?

In Pokemon, but one of them was Paras, a little bug with two little mushrooms on its back. It evolved into Parasect, which was the shell of the body controlled by the parasite mushrooms. I was trying to make an allegory with today’s subject matter but it doesn’t quite fit.  If a Worker Node dies, the Pods running on it die too. A Replication Controller ensures that a specific number of pod replicas are always up and running by creating new pods in an instance like this. Remember that each Pod in a Cluster has a unique IP, even those on the same Node, so how do pods let everyone else know about the changes so everything keeps working.

VIDEO: Alden Interviews Havas Edge Founder & CEO Steve Netzley

Time to switch things up yet again; Here's an hour-long (nearly) interview with the CEO and founder of HAVAS EDGE, talking about expanding the advertising reach, how television isn't dying, and going "I know what that is!" When you see an advertisement in DraftKings.

AWS Web Hosting

These bits aren't as fun without hands-on work, but what can you do. AWS: Web Hosting When your system is slow in the morning but peaks at night, redistribute the resources and adjust capacity to the evening to save money. AWS can respond in real time when unexpected traffic spikes happen by launching new hosts and can be scaled down afterward. You can also provision testing fleets to stage enviroments quickly. It’s all about the quickness. Unless you’re simulating usertraffic. Remember - * Your network hardware is all virtual now. Nothing on your physical equipment. Wow, hope I get to experience that soon. * Hosts should be ephemeral and dynamic .

#LearnedIT: IT Security Foundations: Protecting Our Email

Specifically, the Understanding Email Protection submenu. Here is the link to the course in full. Kubernetes and Ubuntu stuff is still happening, but I keep you on your toes here. Did you expect that? A lot of this is review so I'll note the parts we should know.

Kubernetes: Node Time Like Show Time

The title was initially 'Bring Back the Node', but I didn't think people would get the reference. Applause if you did! Making a deployment in the previous post made a POD for our application to be hosted in. ($POD_NAME variable) Pods are an abstraction that represent 1 or more containers and shared resources for them, like Volumes, what the page describes as ‘Networking, as a unique cluster IP address’ (Sounds exciting, like a distant relative of subnetting or vlans)  and instructions on  how to actually run the containers.

AWS Architecting

Let's not talk about how many times I had to respell Architecting . Most Secure, High performing, resilient,  efficient Consistent for evaluating architectures. Quicker Build and Deploy. Stop guessing, start automating. Lower or Mitigate Risks - What are they? - Do something about it.

It's An Ubuntu Server!: What's Goin' On With It?

What's going on is that now we're downloading another program called Cockpit to monitor Saturnine-U. Considering our server doesn't have a GUI, this will be interesting.

"That's So Sad, Kubernetes, Deploy It Anyway."

Talk about 'Things that are going to be outdated in about five minutes,". So, while I did install Minikube onto my Mac, it brought my machine nearly to a crawl. Sticking with the in-house module for now. Full disclaimer; I did this when I was very tired so the images may not line up in the right spots.

Hold Everything! It's time for Kubernetes Tutorial 1

(I was going to title this 'Kubernetes Khan', like Kublai Khan). First; What is this? I received some advice that Containers are all the rage. Containers make it possible for software on one system to work reliably upon another by shoving the environment software needs to run in a container. It's like an ant farm - The ants still work if you move them from the forest to the beach. We're going to learn Kubernetes, which schedules and distributes containers across clusters.

It's An Ubuntu Server!: Username Resolution with DNSmasq

I don’t actually have a domain name to use but let’s pretend!

AWS Security

Technically, part about 16, but these are the first published notes. No pictures, not fun stuff, but proof that I'm doing something. Well, here's something funny;  Gives training to employees (Unlike most companies who want the perfect person right out of the gate). AWS Training Security Compliance - Risk and Compliance - Compliance Approach     - Shared responsibility     - Services on secure and controlled platform w/ a wide array of security features The Customer configures their IT infrastructure.

It's An Ubuntu Server! (Parts 1 - 3)

Welcome! I've taken my progress from Building an Ubuntu Server from a private Google Doc (It's not helping me there) to here, where people can read it. This is the first three parts culminated into one, we'll update ... updates separately later. I used Linux systems quite a lot in college, and need a refresher. We’re using 16.04.4 (Xenial Xerus), no GUI, terminal only. It’s on my Virtual Box. So far, I've learned;