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AWS Security

Technically, part about 16, but these are the first published notes. No pictures, not fun stuff, but proof that I'm doing something.

Well, here's something funny;
 Gives training to employees (Unlike most companies who want the perfect person right out of the gate).

AWS Training
Security Compliance

- Risk and Compliance

- Compliance Approach
    - Shared responsibility
    - Services on secure and controlled platform w/ a wide array of security features
The Customer configures their IT infrastructure.

- Compliance Responsibilities
Shares information about risk for customers to document their framework.

Security Sharing involves getting Certs, making white papers, giving documentaion under ND and works with outside auditors.

Assurance Programs
- Certs
- Laws, regs, privacies.

Functionality offered sometimes re: Laws, regulation, privacy for compliance, also alignments and frameworks.

Risk Management

- Implement control and mitigation.
- Re-evaluated at least bianually to ID risks
- Put in measures to solve the problem!
- Also other risk assessments.

Policies based upon these:

* Cobit

- Maintains policy
- Gives training to employees (Unlike most companies who want the perfect person right out of the gate).
- Perform application security reviews
    - AAA, you know this.
Scans internet facing interfaces for vulnerabilities.
Let’s people know about the problems.
Ext. vulnerability assessments performed regularly by third parties, who send the information to AWS leadership. But not a replacement for customer scans.

Customers can ask for cloud infrastructure scans.

Control Environment

- Policies, processes, control activities.
- Securely delivers AWS offerings.
- People
- Processes
- Tech
- All that supports AWS framework, and AWS gets input from leading cloud computing societies to make things work.
Once again, confidentiality, integrity, availability.

You should check the white papers.

Info Sec.

Customers have governance over IT enviroment, which sounds challenging and cool to me.

LEARN about the enviroment from different sources.
DESIGN what works.
IDENTIFY what other people can access.

AWS Security Resources 

Auto-Cloud Expert who helps fix your resources to follow best practices, which I’m guessing are the security compliances.

Oh, they are, And to help save money, improve performance and reliability.


First port of confact, AWS Help Desk people, “read this, maybe it can solve the problem.”


The hardcore Help Desk concierge people with fast support. Must take a lot to be one of those, god speed.


Helps you to develop policies and proceedures to fit compliance. There are hundreds of them, hundreds!


Help you navigate around current threats.



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