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A look at Google Colaboratory (While Building a Stock Portfolio)

    After the group effort heard 'round the world in 2021, stocks are on everyone's minds. I didn't have money in GameStop, but I did have money in AMC from 2020. I bought it right as most theaters were closing from the Coronavirus pandemic and it was extremely cheap.   Why? I like the moviegoing experience! As of March 6th 2021, many AMC Theaters in New York City and State are reopening at 25% capacity. I'm still holding onto the stock - It never rose as high as GameStop's - but you won't see me at any theaters so soon. Onto today's topic: Google Colaboratory is a cool tool, allowing you to run Python scripts right in the browser.  You can even install things into the environment! Is it a little container environment running my program? 

Creating with Glide - The App Creator in Google Sheets

 From I stan the Google office suite. Specifically Docs - I have been using the SaaS for 10 years to write and rewrite resumes and save internet comments. In 2020, I came across Glide - Where I could make an app using Google Sheets.

Exploring Azure for System Admins

Throughout my travels, I've come across some interesting things in Azure. This is not a comprehensive list; In fact, it's rather scrappy. I'd go "Oh, neat idea." and stick it into this blog post over months. Azure Storage Explorer A lot of information came from this video by HarvestingClouds.

Podcast: WPBuffs w/ Joe Howard

    I am on (another) podcast! NOTES: The two comic book Youtube channels I mention: Atop The Fourth Wall   Comic Tropes .   The Funko Pop I show: Birds of Prey Black Canary The Mug I Show: TERVIS: Disney Villains - Hades