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"How Retailers Are Taking Your Money This Holiday" ft. Visa

The title is a bit hyperbolic, but let's be honest with ourselves, when a retailer takes a payment with a Visa machine, they get paid, and they certainly get money if you use a Visa credit card. It's a business. So, let's see how they're taking your money this holiday season under the guise of a 'better experience'! Ho ho ho! 1. Stop Standing In Line, Start Leaving Today From autonomous buying to virtual cuts, the time of lines is almost at an end if Visa has their way. Instead of a clunky POS system at a register, you can possibly interact with the customer from a mobile POS system with a decent and modern operating system (Like Square).

Welcome to GitHub

So still on our APIC-EM with Python for Cisco roll, I made a GitHub ! And made a Get-Host-API program that I'm not 100% sure if said code is functional. But you can check it out and read the comments.

Today's Seminar: Practical Network Troubleshooting with Wireshark and other Network Monitoring Tools

COMPTIA offers many continuing education (CE) credits via seminars (and other things; Check it out here ) so you can renew your certifications without paying 400$ again. Pretty nice for something that employers aren't impressed by, right? And they're fun to watch! This one was  Practical Network Troubleshooting with Wireshark and other Network Monitoring Tools . Unfortunately, I don't remember the gentleman's name who gave the presentation. Said presentation is how I learned about EtherApe, a program we used to monitor traffic (Vaguely) a few days ago. Others mentioned include;


I came across a nifty site - Cisco DevNet , helping developers learn how to work with Software-Defined Networking, and I wanted to jump in feet first. Luckily, the idea is to program in Python.

How it Works: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet , the 57th entry into the Disney Animated Canon, was released on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. I saw it - Loved it more than the original, wanted to watch it with the mind of a Network Admin  instead of turning my brain off all the way. While more technically sound than I expected, there are a few picks here and there.

Network Monitoring with EtherApe

Happy American Holiday Week! This is a very short post. This new VM is from the Parrot Project . Snazzy.

Cryptography in Children's Books: Gregor And the Code of Claw by Suzanne Collins

While rereading this book series - the first time was about six or seven years ago - I was struck at a rather cryptographic code in the final book and wanted to share it with you. The Gregor the Overlander series is written by Suzanne Collins - The same woman who wrote The Hunger Games . I think this would make an excellent movie series. Spoilers for a children's book that's eleven years old based off of the Holocaust and World War II featuring humans fighting talking rats, moles, ants, and many other natural anomalies.

Spot Hop + The High Sierra Network Utilities

With OnStar, you have the capability to have internet service! Unlimited for 20$, it's how I've been doing business since this disaster for awhile. Here are some stats from the middle of the wreckage town using OnStar;

[Article] You Can’t Spell IoT Without IT: Three Considerations For CIOs As Their Companies Embark On IoT Projects By Subbu Iyer

Otherwise, it's just 'of'. Article here . Read the responses in depth at the source, I wanted to talk about; Legacy WANs weren’t designed for IoT Yep. Tell a hub that a laptop from 2017 is going to connect to it. First, why do you have a hub in a working environment? You've taken baselines - Can your network handle the variety of traffic that might arrive? Your WAN is going to have to do some serious upgrading depending on what you plan to do. What kind of new end-user devices are you looking to use? What do they do? Let's see your baseline for traffic and compare it with activity these devices have done on another network during a non-peak hour. You need to plan and be prepared to adjust for unwanted activity, 

Where Do I Want To Go?

The many, many people offering advice all normally say the same thing; Where do you want to go? Anywhere but here. What companies or industries do you want to work for? Those listed in this post. What do you want to do with your skills? Can you believe it, they are also listed in this post! I just thought about talking about it. I'm not here to make 100k a year, that comes with too much responsibility, and my mental well-being is not worth sacrificing for your profit. Simply put, here are three industries I would like to work in.

[Article] Want to Develop Apps for an Electric Car? Good Luck by Nate Swanner

Did I tell you I saw a Tesla store in person? Sure did! At St. John's Town Center in Jacksonville, FL. Right by the Apple Store, ironically enough. Across the tiny avenue from the Disney Store and Nordstroms. They just had one car and a bunch of employees. Anyway, the article:  Here . API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and applications - and that extends to the GUI in vehicles as well.