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How to Make an Alexa Skill

This is a blurb of a post - I played around in the environment for a bit and didn't complete it. Sometimes, projects just go unfinished. It's not my greatest ambition in life to make an Alexa skill.

The instructions are a bit out of date, I had to create a new role from policy templates, which took me to several other screens. You have to make about 2 separate accounts - One main AWS one, and one Amazon Developer one. 

"earnings"? Something to consider...

'You can provision your own back-end resources or you can have Alexa host them for you.' I suppose I could actually use the Azure equivalent of Lambda if I wanted to.

My favorite part so far has been thinking of the invocation words - You can't use a handful of them. I want to make Alexa going 'Hello, World' to make sense in context. I almost put in 'Bye world' but that sounds very morbid.

I'm guessing this Utterance Profiler does this:"What word could you say to make this work? Let…

A Complete Beginner's Guide to React by Ali Spittel

Why not learn a bit about React? Video here.
 Tech used:React HooksNode.jsProgramming fundamentals (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
Github repoI added the nifty drop down menu. I learned about it on Twitter about 3 days ago.