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Webinar: Intro To Data Analytics: Tableau Basics

All data science is asking a question.  I've been playing in Tableau for the past month, and needed to stick something on my blog to point to on my resume. So, this webinar, hosted by Mark B at Thinkful Webinars, arrived at the right time. He gave people ample time to follow the instructions. Data Analytics - "We have all these numbers and words, what patterns in the data can we find to make money?"   There was also a case study with Chipotle - A lot of their data was scattered, and communication was poor. (Also, people were getting sick. Remember that?) With Tableau, insights were easily shared with more accessible dashboards., saving them 10,000 hours a month.  Here are some of the visual options I learned about; Because That's what Tableau is about - How to display information.

How Zoom Works - Birthday Setup

   When being the Master of Ceremonies and IT Support merge. I always liked event planning, so this was a lot of fun. It was a client's 60th birthday, and they hired me to set up a party, send invitations (I made a webpage and sent the link out), and monitor the event. Here's a short list of what I did. Backups: Multiple backups of portable power banks and mobile hotspots in case weather knocked out power. Power strip installed to prevent blowouts of laptop and Alexa.   Setup:  Tested lighting, distance, camera location in 3 different locations.  Considered location of Wi-Fi extender and ISP router to decide which AP to use.   Meeting: Password protected Zoom meeting. Letting people into the room from waiting rooms. Adjusting the views. Sent out a self-made video educating how to log onto the Zoom meeting. Had a notification ready incase of inclement weather: "Hi there! Thanks for joining us today. If we disconnect, you may be kicked out of the room. Please give us a few

How to Make an Alexa Skill

 This is a blurb of a post - I played around in the environment for a bit and didn't complete it. Sometimes, projects just go unfinished. It's not my greatest ambition in life to make an Alexa skill. The instructions are a bit out of date, I had to create a new role from policy templates, which took me to several other screens. You have to make about 2 separate accounts - One main AWS one, and one Amazon Developer one.  "earnings"? Something to consider... 'You can provision your own back-end resources or you can have Alexa host them for you.' I suppose I could actually use the Azure equivalent of Lambda if I wanted to. My favorite part so far has been thinking of the invocation words - You can't use a handful of them. I want to make Alexa going 'Hello, World' to make sense in context. I almost put in 'Bye world' but that sounds very morbid. I'm guessing this Utterance Profiler does this: "What word could you say to make this work?

Most Unexpected Smart Devices

What a time to be alive. Smart objects are the way of the future.  I prefer good, hands-on manual activity, but I did want to see what was out there for those who never want to be unplugged.    While I acknowledge a lot of this stuff is oddly pointless, I know that's only one viewpoint. I'm not here to take a dump on people with mobility issues who use these to help themselves. Or people who like them just for the fun of it.  Heck, I'd use the *checks* Bane-Mask.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to React by Ali Spittel

 Why not learn a bit about React? Video here .  Tech used: React Hooks Node.js Programming fundamentals (HTML, CSS, Javascript)   Github repo .  I added the nifty drop down menu. I learned about it on Twitter about 3 days ago.