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Review: Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

  Ah yes, almost 3 years ago, I wrote this review (Despite getting the earbuds for Christmas, I wanted to use them for a few months before writing). And in December of 2023, the right one began to get dull regarding sound. I always make sure they're clean - Ear infections are no joke, clean your earbuds - so that wasn't it, I never got the verification code from Samsung to make an account for them to be repaired, and Samsung Support through chat told me to go to my local approved dealer, a random shop 50 miles away that wouldn't actually give me an estimate. I'd much rather repair than replace, especially if it's a gift. I'll open (or attempt to) the faulty one and look around and still use the other one. So here, let's get some new ones on sale, using a combination of giftcards and luck. I was torn between the colors, but I have, more than once, misplaced the black case and was unable to discern it because...most of my stuff is black. I need a case for thi

Windows PC Manager

  There is a general recap by the good sir John Saville over here . That's how I found out about it! I'm more interested in seeing what it can do for my 5- year old refurbished laptop, a laptop I cannot hold too firmly on the left side or the Intel Sound Service cuts off. I had already hit "Boost" before this screenshot - my Memory Usage was at 73%, and now it's at 67-68%. I hit it again and it goes down to about 58% - 63% If I take the time to boost this about once every 5 minutes, boy howdy, we'll be on a roll. I do know it's Firefox that takes up a lot of the memory for some reason. I should do an audit on that. You may have noticed that Smart Boost button, which I did follow and turn on; I wish I could drill down and tell it exactly when to boost, preferably at 70% Memory Usage. Process management is basically a prettier Task Manager; Real Windows users know! Let's see what the PC Manager Health check can do. You'll notice the startup apps to d