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Using the Meraki Dashboard API with Postman

Instructions: Here . I could have opened up my Macbook (Because Postman was already on there), but no, I'm here, and here is what we're gonna do. Oddly, the installer executable loaded *behind* my browser window and froze it, so I had to restart. A short time later, Postman is installed and operational.

Exploring the Sierra On-Line "Super-Junior" Computer

I'm the Admin, she's the Critic (Ft. Myself)

I thought long and hard about letting more people know about my media review blog. What if employers don't like it? What if it costs me a position? Then I realized; It's not much more outlandish than what I say on LinkedIn clearly, under my own name. Maybe the truth, or, my version of it, will be more palatable next to a movie poster of a cartoon animal. If you're a sensitive sort, there are a few swears here or there. You'll notice that there aren't any on this blog, employers. I can keep it professional if need be. What if people enjoy it? Even privately. That's fine. What if it gets me a position I enjoy? I've been hearing nothing but no's for 3 years now keeping this thing under wraps anyway. So, welcome to Screendom Come . There's still tidying and editing going on for some of the older works, but feel free to read (& share with people at the major studios, Variety, Atom Tickets, THR, all of that). I'll still be pos

Fun With Wireshark: On Ubuntu

This is Wireshark 2.6.8 (Git v.2.6.8)  As with installing anything on Ubuntu, it's never a straightforward process, but it is always a good time to practice inputting commands in the terminal!

New Lap(top) City

I picked up a ACER C720 GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK NOTEBOOK LAPTOP 11.6-INCH LED 4GB RAM 16GB SSD Used, Like new, for my mother, for about 68$. If nothing ill happens in the meantime, I'll edit this to include the seller information. I also picked up a new laptop for myself, which you'll see. The stats, especially the SSD, are clearly for the 'I just need to surf the net but a phone is too small, and a tablet is input-unfriendly'. It's rather phone-like that way, though, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2 GB of RAM, and the storage is the same for the cheapest model of S5.

It's a Twitter Bot [ft. Dev Ed][Temp]

Man, and this is a beginner's bot. Imagine what you can do with advanced Python knowledge! What this does - Using Firefox, this bot Automatically like tweets that fit a criteria of words to hopefully make people look at and follow you.

CCNA Recap: Random Mix of Notes

EMPLOYERS : This is me reviewing information I have been tested on and passed in the past. Install Right to Use License license boot module

Fun With Wireshark: Introduction!

I haven't used Wireshark in quite some time, so now I had a bit of a re-affilation curve to deal with. How do I know if I'm capturing from my Eth0 interface? So I pulled up my Network Utility and told it, "Hey, ping my website until I tell you stop."

Visa Checkout

Because Visa is still a target company, I'm going to talk about Visa Checkout . Also, it's my blog. Also #2; I didn't realize this existed until I bought a new(-adjacent) laptop from Best Buy. Did you know Best Buy sold open box electronics? Nor did I.

CCNA Recap: Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) Redundance | Load Balancing   for ipv4 hosts default priority for standby routers are 100 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is the non cisco proprietary version of HSRP —————   HSRP ——————

Which Xbox Scarlett details are nonsense and which are real [ Polygon ]

EMPLOYERS : This is me keeping abreast of changes in an industry of interest. Even if I do not have a Xbox. I have a Switch. ;